Times Cryptic Jumbo 1680 – 22 June 2024

Hi all.  Once again this was a fragmented solve, and part of it on a train, so once again I’ve no time to report.  I didn’t find it the hardest Jumbo ever, but did have to think a bit.  My last in was COINCIDE (41d), which I stared at for some time, but suddenly saw while I was contemplating a second alphabet trawl.  ROOST (28a) was also among the last to put to bed – a very cute cryptic definition.  I thought STAGE FRIGHT (17a) was particularly clever too.

Unusually, I think I may have twigged the identity of the setter.  The one who likes doubles definitions, whimsical interpretations and (though not usually in The Times) being a bit naughty.  (REDRAW at 18a, I’m looking at you!)  I may be wrong of course – it has been known.  In any case, thank you setter!

Apologies that the explanations below would probably benefit from a few additional notes, but I’m pushed for time.  If anything is unclear, please ask in the comments.

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are usually in italics, specified [deletions] are in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.  For clarity, I omit most link words and some juxtaposition indicators.

1a Got longer articles to spread popular beliefs (9)
INCREASED AS (As – articles) going into (to spread) IN (popular) CREED (belief)
6a Sound — that of ceremony? (5)
RIGHT — Sounds like RITE (ceremony)
9a Corrupts spy brought back to safeguard lives (7)
POISONS SNOOP (spy) reversed (brought back) enclosing (to safeguard) IS (lives)
13a Acknowledge passage of mine contains start of message (5)
ADMIT ADIT (passage of mine) contains the first letter (start) of Message
14a Former state comprising capital of Poland and part of Soviet Union (7)
PRUSSIA — The first letter (capital) of Poland and RUSSIA (part of Soviet Union)
15a Being in exile forfeits right to go into details (9)
EXPATIATE EXPAT[r]IATE (being in exile) forfeits R (right)
16a Most of teaching unit is rehashed for mock (11)
INAUTHENTIC Most of TEACHINg plus UNIT is anagrammed (rehashed)
17a Onset of fear when entering dramatic location? (5,6)
STAGE FRIGHT — The first letter (onset of) Fear when going into (entering) STAGE RIGHT (dramatic location?), &lit
18a Pull again and screw around (6)
REDRAW WARDER (screw) reversed (around)
19a Constructive activity gradually getting more intense (8)
BUILDING — Double definition
21a Stupefying work I put away (6)
OPIATE OP (work) + I + ATE (put away)
25a Named suspect in photo creating widespread disorder (8)
PANDEMIC — An anagram od (… suspect) NAMED in PIC (photo)
26a Divine alien? (3,2,4,5)
OUT OF THIS WORLD — Double definition
28a Support for individuals with bills to settle (5)
ROOST — Cryptic definition, bills here being beaks
29a Demonstrator in disreputable group (6)
SHOWER SHOWER as in one who shows
30a Itchy feet could be symptomatic of this condition (10)
WANDERLUST — Cryptic definition, the surface suggesting a medical condition
33a Initially investigated if de facto changes performed authorized role (10)
OFFICIATED — Together with the first letter of (initially) Investigated, IF DE FACTO is anagrammed (changes)
35a Surge of immigrants possibly belonging to unstable state (6)
INFLUX IN FLUX (belonging to unstable state)
36a Shudder at minor injuries inflicted during attack by men (5)
ABHOR ABH (minor injuries inflicted during attack) by OR (men)
38a Put in new order for remix of Memories on disc (14)
40a Essential blow phased out computing device (3,5)
KEY PUNCH KEY (essential) + PUNCH (blow)
42a Make a mistake with message (6)
ERRAND ERR (make a mistake) + AND (with)
43a Folk on social media in what way entertaining spectacle with restricted view (8)
PEEPSHOW PEEPS (folk on social media) + HOW (in what way)
44a First class spinner follows helpful advice (6)
TIPTOP TOP (spinner) follows TIP (helpful advice)
47a Peach skin’s flipping lovely nap? (6,5)
BEAUTY SLEEP BEAUTY (peach) + PEELS (skin’s) backwards (flipping)
50a Support for light punishment of cruel bad man (11)
CANDELABRUM — Anagram (punishment) of CRUEL BAD MAN
52a For Americans, exactly where one might find visual aids? (2,3,4)
ON THE NOSE — Definition plus literal interpretation, the visual aids being specs
53a Idiotic ideas in inefficient stores (7)
ASININE — IdeAS IN INEfficient stores the answer
54a Northerners instinctively know to give up first time (5)
INUIT IN[t]UIT (instinctively know) leaving out the first T (to give up first time)
55a Taking out line of rubbish clogging up entrance (7)
GAROTTE ROT (rubbish) inside (clogging up) GATE (entrance)
56a Great man’s relations inhibited by effect of The Sun’s coverage (5)
TITAN IT (relations) inside (inhibited by) TAN (effect of The Sun’s coverage)
57a Soldiers stationed in hamlet developed product that’s full of holes (9)
EMMENTHAL MEN (soldiers) stationed in an anagram of (… developed) HAMLET
1d National Anthem’s introduction bores two hosting King and Queen (5)
IRAQI Anthem’s first letter (introduction) goes into (bores) II (two) around (hosting) R (King) and Q (Queen)
2d Head of unit’s integrated circuit included in authoritative proposal (10,7)
COMMANDING OFFICER IC (integrated circuit) included in COMMANDING (authoritative) OFFER (proposal)
3d He helps move each man around country (6,5)
ESTATE AGENT EA (each) and GENT (man) around STATE (country)
4d Royal Engineer’s draining job? (6)
SAPPER — A draining job might be something that saps, hence whimsically a SAPPER
5d Suspect unlikely to take part (8)
DOUBTFUL — Two definitions
6d Unrealistically positive representation of decorous role (4-8)
ROSE-COLOURED — Anagram (representation) of DECOROUS ROLE
7d I’m astonished about papers supporting rat’s abandoned wife (5,5)
GRASS WIDOW WOW (I’m astonished) around (about) ID (papers) underneath (supporting) GRASS (rat)
8d Article ending in Saint Paul’s Second Letter to The Corinthians (5)
THETA THE (article) + the last letter of (ending in) sainT + pAul’s second
9d Riddle about source of Italian pizza topping (9)
PEPPERONI PEPPER (riddle) + ON (about) + the first letter (source) of Italian
10d Individual questioning position adopted by dodgy rentier (11)
INTERVIEWER VIEW (position) taken in by (adopted by) an anagram of (dodgy) RENTIER
11d Animal with a varied diet consisting mainly of fruit (5)
ORANG — The answer consists mainly of ORANGe (fruit)
12d Who might investigate elaborate hustle? (6)
SLEUTH — An anagram of (elaborate) HUSTLE
18d Dazzling display on a revolutionary English company’s range of work (10)
REPERTOIRE RIOT (dazzling display), RE (on) and PER (a) reversed (revolutionary) + E (English)
20d Understand board is ready for acquisition (8)
GETTABLE GET (understand) + TABLE (board)
22d Connected with cast’s broadcast completely (7,3,7)
THROUGH AND THROUGH THROUGH (connected) + AND (with) + a homophone of (broadcast) THREW (cast)
23d Toxic atmosphere found among academia’s managers (6)
MIASMA — It’s found among acadeMIAS MAnagers
24d Reversed trend, heading off praise for position taken by journalist? (10)
EDITORSHIP — Backwards (reversed) TIDE (trend), then without the first letter (heading off) wORSHIP (praise)
27d Clears head raising matter concerning supervisor finishing early (6,2)
SOBERS UP — Going up (raising) PUS (matter), RE (concerning) and BOSs (supervisor) without the last letter (finishing early]
31d Discourage drinking by right (6)
DEXTER DETER (discourage) taking in (drinking) X (by)
32d Meeting lays to rest notice following reorganisation (12)
INTERSECTION INTERS (lays to rest) + NOTICE after anagramming (following reorganisation)
34d Chamber piece inspired by observation (11)
COMPARTMENT PART (piece) inspired by COMMENT (observation)
36d Software industry (11)
APPLICATION — Double definition
37d Might scheme finish off bankrupt energy supplier? (5,5)
POWER PLANT POWER (might) + PLAN (scheme) + the last letter of (finish off) bankrupT
39d Put off key deficiency in Asian country’s attitude (9)
INDISPOSE INDI[a]’S (Asian country’s) POSE (attitude) with a deficiency of A (key)
41d Agree method of eliminating change? (8)
COINCIDE — A whimsical construction – COINCIDE
45d Old on-line journal includes name of slender figure? (6)
OBLONG O (old) + BLOG (on-line journal) includes N (name)
46d Free to think again seemingly (6)
REDEEM REDEEM – to think again, seemingly
48d Revise warning as a result of temperature rising (5)
ALTER ALERT (warning) with T (temperature) rising
49d Employ specialist denied position originally (5)
EXERT EX[p]ERT (specialist) without P (denied Position originally)
51d Second unsatisfactory service upset driver using this establishment (5)
MOTEL MO (second) + reversal of (… upset) LET (unsatisfactory service)

4 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo 1680 – 22 June 2024”

  1. DNK PEEPS, and would have been happy to continue in my ignorance. NHO ABH. DNK that ON THE NOSE was an Americanism. I never did figure out how REPERTOIRE worked. I liked REDRAW, THETA, & COINCIDE.

  2. 75 minutes. I missed the parsing of COMMANDING OFFICER , so thanks for that, Kitty.

    Not sure about ‘slender’ in the definition of OBLONG at 45dn. SOED has:

    oblong – rectangular with the breadth greater than the height
    slender – small in breadth in proportion to height

  3. Thanks Kitty for the useful blog and to the setter for an enjoyable puzzle. I also had no idea about the parsing of COMMANDING OFFICER, nice to see a couple of scientific terms in the puzzle- albeit computing terms that were new to me.

  4. Thanks for the blog Kitty. I found this a bit middle of the road, taking a little over an hour with no clues that really stood out.


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