Times Cryptic Jumbo 1665 – 30 March 2024. Buffalo don’t buffalo me!

Hello all.  This took me almost exactly an hour.  Although I’ve taken longer, seldom have I been so surprised to complete with no errors: this was sprinkled with entries for which I’d had to rely on the wordplay or (less of an issue) with unfamiliar wordplay components.

Times Quick Cryptic 2626 by Teazel – rated PG

Hi everybody.  This felt a bit harder than usual for a Monday; it took me just under my average time for a midweek QC.  It was fiddlier to write up than some too.  You might expect 8a to be my COD, and why resist being predictable?  I’d expect most of you to pick something else: there are other simple but effective clues to choose from, and some intricate constructions to admire if that’s more your thing.  Thanks Teazel!

Times Quick Cryptic 2590 by Izetti – fancy that!

Hi everyone. How did you find this on the Izetti Scoville scale? For me it was mild, but then I’ve been doing these a while and may be held up by different things to you. My COD is 4d, with a mention too for 7d. Those are also the two clues featuring exclamation marks. Fancy that! Thanks Izetti!