St John Daly Christmas Political Crossword

For the past few years I’ve helped our TfTT contributor St John Daly (aka astonvilla1) with test solving, editing and publishing his annual political crossword for the site (which he has been producing since 2006). I thought people here might enjoy it too. You can find the crossword here

Quick announcement

We recently had a bot attack that created new accounts on TftT, but did not reply to the email for account confirmation.   Johninterred has fixed that problem, but we were left with a large number of inactive accounts, including genuine attempts dating back to May of 2022.  

Since these accounts are not confirmed, they are not of any use to anyone.   Accordingly, I have cleaned up our user accounts, and deleted all unconfirmed accounts created prior to November 1, 2023.    No one with a valid account should be impacted.

Accessing Today’s Crosswords

The Times seems to have a problem with its Puzzles page and Crossword club on the app and online at the moment. You can, however, print the puzzles from the ePaper. Navigate to the page with the crossword and click on the crossword. You should get a pop-up window with the ability to print the crossword.

[Update: The problem appears to have been fixed now].