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How to register

On the menu at the top right-hand site of the page, click Register.   The registration page will open.   Enter your desired username, password and email address.   You can also enter a displayname, if you want something other than your username to be displayed with your comments.   When you hit Submit, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.    Please click on the link in the email to complete registration.   Some users have reported that the email has gone to their spam folder – be sure to check.   When you click on the URL in your confirmation message, you will be invited to log in.

You cannot add your avatar when you register, but once you are registered you can upload your avatar using My Account in the top menu.    Login, Select My Account, and then select Profile Details.   Under Upload Your Profile Image, click on Browse, and select the avatar you wish to upload from you computer.   Click on save details, and you should receive a message Your Profile Successfully Updated.

Commenting tips

Times for The Times welcomes civilized discourse.   Any subject that naturally arises from the puzzle and its clues can be discussed, provided you keep it civil.   Do not use insulting language towards the setter, the blogger, or your fellow commenters.    It is better to avoid religion and politics – don’t assume that anyone smart enough to complete these puzzles must agree with you on these matters.

The other thing to avoid is the mention of the answers to any active puzzle other than the one other discussion.   Your fellow commenters may not have done that puzzle yet!   In particular, do not refer to the answers to any prize puzzles where competition has not yet ended, whether from The Times or any other publication.

You may edit your own comments, however there is a 12 hour limit to the ability to edit.

The administrators do read the comments, and will take appropriate action.    Repeat offenders can be suspended, or have their accounts revoked.

See also our separate Commenter Tips page for how you can add to simple text in your comments.

Comment Reply Notifications

By default, you will receive an email whenever someone replies to a comment you have made. If you don’t wish to receive these emails, register your preference to opt out using the Comment Notification page.

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