Quick Cryptic 2721 by Hurley

Bit of a bare-bones blog, I’ll flesh it out when I get back from Rottnest this arvo….

(Ok, back from Rotto now, with the vomity smell of the ferry passenger cabin fresh in my nostrils.  Quite a crossing.  Don’t think I’ll bother adding anything to the blog, it’s best left to the commenters from here on).

Our weekend quick fix comes from Hurley today.  Nice range of clues, hopefully nothing to cause too much distress.

My time was 4:53 (no Parkrun time sadly).


Here’s how I parsed the clues.  Would be delighted to hear your thoughts / complaints / corrections:

(In the clues, definitions are underlined and anagram indicators are in bold italics.

In the explanations (ABC)* indicates an anagram of abc.  Deletions and other devices are indicated accordingly, I hope).

7 Unexpectedly vocal, energetic to begin with, in recess (6)
ALCOVE – (VOCAL)* + E [first letter of (to begin with) energetic]
8 Cast North as ideal place (6)
HEAVEN – HEAVE (cast) + N (North)
9 Not sure what to do, hints tea should be served (8)
10 Personal assistant in street quarrel (4)
SPAT – PA (personal assistant) in ST (street)
11 Allow advice to person wanting hair curled? (6)

If I wanted my hair curled you might advise me to perm it.

I guess it works but I’d prefer “request from” rather than “advice to”.

On edit: I defer to Roundabout Here who makes a good case in the comments for “advice to”.

13 Strange tale about river warning (5)
ALERT – (TALE)* about R (river)
14 Regularly pre-empt one trying to sell goods (3)
REP – pReEmPt

“Regularly” indicating every second letter.

15 Ruthlessly ambitious person using sleight horrifies you at first (5)
PUSHY – Initial letters (at first) of Person Using Sleight Horrifies You
17 Expected levy not initially viable — confer (6)
PARLEY – PAR (expected) + LEY [levy without the v (initially viable)]
19 Milton, say, old favourite around (4)
POET – O (old) with PET (favourite) around
20 Feature of football got pal so excited (8)
22 Ring again for annulment? (6)
REPEAL – PEAL (ring) -> RE-PEAL (ring again)
23 Kitchen item, jug, at back of empty sink (6)
SKEWER – EWER (jug) after SK (“empty” sink)
1 Some seek leeway for Swiss painter (4)
KLEE – Hidden in seeK LEEway
2 Winner here, champ ultimately surmounting great dislike (6)
PODIUM – P (chamP ultimately) surmounting (on top of) ODIUM (great dislike)
3 Nit-picking editor in room off kitchen (8)
PEDANTRY – ED (editor) in PANTRY (room off kitchen)
4 Try small glass of spirits (4)
SHOT – Double definition
5 He protects troubled lass in difficult situation (6)
HASSLE – HE protects (surrounds) (LASS)*
6 Banter about role, doubly English (8)
REPARTEE – RE (about) + PART (role) + EE (English, doubly)
12 Livingstone, say, once extremely popular, welcoming folk traditions (8)
EXPLORER – EX (once) + PR [extremely (both ends of) PopulaR] “welcoming” LORE (folk traditions)
13 Program the French put into action getting sound of welcome (8)
APPLAUSE – APP (program) + LA (“the” in French) + USE (put into action)
16 Dog improved with new start (second) (6)
SETTERBETTER (improved) with a new starting letter, S (second)
18 Music performer’s protective cover, we hear (6)
RAPPER – Homophone for wrapper (protective cover)
20 Game after Foxtrot? (4)
GOLF – Golf comes after Foxtrot in the NATO alphabet
21 Moved fast, exercising in South Dakota (4)
SPED – PE (exercising) in SP (South Dakota)

30 comments on “Quick Cryptic 2721 by Hurley”

  1. Nothing to scare the proverbials. QC though it be, I think ‘Swiss’ could have been omitted from 1d. G, you’ve got a typo at 17ac. 5:01 (no Parkrun time, ever).

    1. Hi, Tina, it’s pronounced ‘Yewer’, so you’d put, counter-intuitively, ‘a ewer’. Basically, a large jug or urn.

  2. 15:04. I took the longest time on PEDANTRY as scullery and gallery distracted me from thinking of PANTRY. PARLEY was my COD and I liked HEAVEN and PERMIT too.

  3. 10 minutes. I looked twice at ‘expected / PAR’ but found ‘par’ defined as ‘normal’ which I guess has it covered.

  4. 9:45
    NHO KLEE, but either him or Ekle until checkers appeared.

    Fair bit of biffing towards the end. LOI PARLEY


  5. A gentler end to what I found a stiff week – 10½ minutes, with no real hold-ups until my LOI PARLEY where I took longer than I should have to lift and separate expected levy and see what was going on.

    Many thanks Galspray for the blog and a good weekend to all.

  6. Spent too long staring at heaven before putting the n at the other end. Resorted to the dictionary for a word for cast starting with n to find over 20 definitions, what a useful word it is!

    In the end, 25.01 but an enjoyable solve. Sorry Galspray 😉 if someone said to me “I want my hair curled, what should I do?” I would offer the advice, perm it. Actually this was our COD and made us laugh out loud. Also liked pedantry, a) because it’s my go to position, and b) for the mental image of the editor in the pantry 😀

    No park run for us, but time to don the galoshes for our walk, where IS the summer??

    Thanks Hurley, and Galspray.

    1. Yes, fair point re “perm it”. I guess I was thinking in terms of the customer instructing the hairdresser, but you’re quite correct.

  7. Apart from having to think hard before nailing the 17A/18D intersection, this was pretty straightforward overall. Thanks Galspray and Hurley.

    TIME 4:13

    * I find it hard to equate rapping with the performance of music. Personally I’d rather just have it without the voice – or better still not at all.

  8. Much easier today. Enjoyed this one. COD PERMIT. Had to think about PUSHY, PARLEY, PODIUM, GOLF and LOI REPEAL, but not for too long. Lots of words beginning with or containing the letter P.
    FOI PEDANTRY! Popular with us People.
    Praises to GalsPray.

  9. 7:01
    Held up by repeal and parley.
    Quite like a bit of Tupac and Biggie!

    COD Permit although seen before.

  10. 5:26. Very slow getting going this morning. I thought “sound of welcome” a bit odd for APPLAUSE, otherwise all fair. I liked PEDANTRY and PERMIT most. Thank-you Hurley and Gallers.

    1. I had the same feeling about APPLAUSE, but then we applaud when the conductor or performer comes on stage, etc.

  11. Found this chewy in places particularly in the SE.
    Started with ALCOVE and finished with PARLEY in 9.38.
    Thanks to Galspray

  12. 12 mins..but dnf

    I can’t spell “Repeal” nor “Parley”, so got two pink squares when I submitted. For the latter I thought the levy was “ULEZ”, so I dropped the first letter and spelt it “Parlez” 😂. If I’d read it properly, I would have realised the “viable” element probably should have featured somewhere.

    Overall though, a fairly straight forward puzzle for Saturday.

    FOI – 7ac “Alcove”
    LOI – “Parley” (spelt incorrectly)
    COD – 3dn “Pedantry”

    Thanks as usual!

  13. Fairly quickly in today, with few holdups, though unable to parse GOLF (d’oh!) or PARLEY. Thanks, Gallers…

  14. I felt SD today (that’s extremely stupid) and was surprised to finish in 14:43, a fast time for me.

    FOI KLEE, LOI SHOT, COD APPLAUSE, fittingly. SOD (stumble of the day) putting GaoLPOST at first for 20A.

    Thanks to Hurley and galspray!

  15. easier than I expected, but slow brain today…
    FOI 1d Klee to get a crosser for 7a
    LOI 18d Rapper (does it qualify as ‘music’ or is it something else?)
    COD 20d Golf – neat

  16. 6.22 A quick end to the week. I have heard of Klee but I’ve just realised I had him confused with Klimt. HEAVEN and SHOT were the last two. Thanks galspray and Hurley.

  17. Failed miserably at my usual starting point in the NW, and then found the rest of it reasonably straightforward for 12:33 overall.

    Thank you for the blog!

  18. Enjoyable fair puzzle. Held up at the end by SHOT and HEAVEN. Liked PERMIT. Thanks Hurley and Galspray.

  19. 5:00

    Very quick today after a dreadfully slow week – nothing to scare the horses at all though I did slow down a smidge to be sure APPLAUSE actually fit the wordplay. PARLEY was easy enough if you’ve ever watched The Wire – opposing drug gangs would PARLEY to come to some understanding over turf rights……..and then double cross each other!

    Thanks G and Hurley

  20. A day late but, at 17 minutes, an SCC escape is always worth reporting.

    NHO the Swiss painter (KLEE) and I couldn’t parse GOLF. Also had to correct ‘recall’ (to REPEAL) in order to solve my last two clues – SETTER and GOLF.

    Many thanks to Hurley and Galspray.


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