New Saturday Quick Cryptic begins this week

A comment on today’s QC discussion has brought to my attention that some may not be aware that the new Saturday Times Quick Cryptic begins this week and will appear on Saturday January 6th.

This has been long awaited so I hope you will all enjoy it and join in our discussions.

Another landmark is that it’s the first Weekend cryptic not to be a competition puzzle so we can talk about it on the day of publication. Please let’s have a big turnout to get things rolling!


25 comments on “New Saturday Quick Cryptic begins this week”

  1. Do we know if this will appear in the printed edition or just online? I prefer paper and pencil to digital options.

    1. My understanding is that it will be in the printed paper too.

      Apologies, on-line only on Saturdays. Please see Mick H’s comment below.

    2. I print out the QC as I prefer to try to solve if I can get a spare moment out and about for a Costa. However, this has a further (huge) advantage as it gives me space to make jottings and doodle while thinking!

      1. I utilise all the spaces in the Sudoku and Times Daily Quiz for anagram solving. I’ve never solved online directly – if it is online only, can it be printed off?

          1. Saturday’s QC doesn’t appear in my “email puzzles for printing” emails .

  2. Good news! Let’s hope the editor assumes everyone has more time on a Saturday, and it’s an absolute beast. 😉

    1. Excellent idea – 52 more chances to moan 🤣

      Wondering how long it’ll be until we get the first “Are Saturdays getting harder?” …

      1. Tomorrow’s will be harder than any previous (official) Saturday QC – by definition. So, let me be the first to complain.

    2. Noooo! Let’s keep it tame. YOU have the 15×15 to wrestle with, and channel your inner lion tamer towards. 🦁

  3. Hi jackkt, I am not sure where you got that impression. I have tried to make clear as often as possible that the Saturday QC is online only. Monday to Friday in the paper, Monday to Saturday online.

    1. Hi, Mick. Sorry about that. I was working from memory and obviously I had it wrong. Many thanks for all your efforts getting the new puzzle up and running.

    1. I believe that’s under discussion. I’m sure johninterred will let us know in due course.

    2. As the Sunday Times doesn’t have a Quick Cryptic (yet) we will continue with our fortnightly Weekend Quick Cryptic while there is still interest.

  4. This is excellent news. The puzzles will need to be of the highest quality though to match the Saturday Specials from John, Phil and Sawbill! And very good to hear that a blog is planned, and on the day too.


    1. John has confirmed that the specials will continue for the moment assuming there is sufficient interest. They can perhaps fill a need on Sundays when there is no Times QC.

  5. And a fine first puzzle it is!
    I’ll do a quick blog unless someone else is scheduled.
    Will there be a QUITCH?

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