Blog solvers for the Quick SNITCH

Thanks for everyone’s feedback on the Quick SNITCH (or “Quitch” as some are calling it).

I’ve now added an initial set of Blog Solvers for this.  Blog Solvers’ times are taken from the details they provide in the TfTT blog comments. These times are aggregated and reported (as a separate type of solver) alongside the times of the Reference and Tracked Solvers from the Crossword Club.

If you’ve been marked as a Blog Solver but don’t want to be, please let me know.  Conversely, if you’d like to be tracked as a Blog Solver, also let me know.  You will need at least 15 error-free times to have been listed in the blog to begin.

Thanks again for your input.

5 comments on “Blog solvers for the Quick SNITCH”

  1. I still can’t help but feel this doesn’t quite represent what’s going on accurately. Discounting DNFs removes a huge part of assessing difficulty.

    Prior to today, my successful times over the past 10 have been … 00:20:16 00:21:25 00:19:26 00:11:05 00:14:30 00:24:36 00:18:12 00:07:56 00:14:25 00:18:04

    But interspersed in there are some DNFs of 28:38, 56:58, 23:16 – three of the worst four times.

    Now today I took an hour for a successful completion on Izetti so that can contribute to showing it’s hard. But if I’d quit or made a mistake it wouldn’t be included and it’s discounted.


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