Congratulations to us!

As of today, we have reached 1000 active subscribers.    This site would not be what it is without today the participation and comments  from our users.

Looking at the breakdown, we have  1606 individuals whose comments were copied from LiveJournal, 1000 current subscribers, 21 authors, 3 editors, and 5 administrators.

This is apparently only the tip of the iceberg.   Over the past few months, we have been averaging about 50,000 page views a week, so it is likely that  many of those who read the blogs have yet to join in the chat.

After nearly two years of independent operation, I think we can fairly say that TftT is more successful than ever.



40 comments on “Congratulations to us!”

  1. Hurrah! That’s fantastic. What a wonderful resource and community. I like the feeling of the Old Internet – no algorithms here.

    Can I ask if there are fees involved with hosting the site etc and whether contributions are welcome like for the SNITCH?

  2. Thanks for all your work. Everything you all so is much appreciated by me and many others who rely on your help and guidance.

  3. Well done to everyone, setters, bloggers, commenters .. and not least, the “behind the scenes” work that has been done and is still being done to make this website into what it is.
    Leaving Livejournal has turned out to be the best thing we ever did, the current site is superior in every way.

  4. That’s great. Many thanks to all of you who put in the hard work, it is much appreciated. As someone who spent quite a while visiting without participating, I have to say this site was invaluable in helping me make headway in the weird, wonderful world of cryptic crosswords. (I actually found it by sheer dumb luck when googling some impenetrable obscurity in a clue and suddenly the whole clue was there, fully explained. I bookmarked the site and it became a daily necessity even though, doing the puzzle on paper here in Oz, I had to use the search function because our puzzles are a month or more behind.)

    1. Thanks to everyone for all the work on this fantastic site. I’m another who once googled a total obscurity and found it unexpectedly.
      Back in the day a website programming guru named Roy Low (setter pseudonym Blue King) had a link to The Australian’s puzzle on his website every day – automatic, it used to be a fixed number of days away, except Easter and Christmas. He moved it across to the Australian Crossword Club, but sadly Rupert and number one son couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery, so now the numbers and the delay are all over the place. I asked for the link to be removed, but the link to The Australian newspaper is still here on the page, even though it’s far from good.

  5. Ditto to all of the earlier comments. A great resource. The hard work you all put into this is hugely appreciated.

  6. Thanks to all the bloggers. Quite often I put in an answer I’m not totally sure about, so it’s really great to have immediate access to the parsing. Also getting used to chestnuts, IKEA clues etc!

  7. I love this site and feel proud to be part of such an esteemed community. Thank you for all that you do.

  8. I also like this site. I’m fascinated by the fact that some of the bloggers are either very late to bed/very early risers or maybe just in a different time zone. I always (well very nearly always) finish but can’t always see the reasoning behind an answer so this site is perfect. I’m amazed by the breadth of knowledge of the bloggers but sometimes wish they could add an addendum of their acronyms..some/most are quessable and I particularly liked MER which I couldn’t guess. The times crossword is the main reason I continue to subscribe to the paper. Thank you all.
    Also thanks to the fact I do my crossword a day late (long story) I have just discovered in someone’s comment from yesterday that there is a glossary! Yippee

    1. We have a number of bloggers in different time zones on four continents, Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

  9. A big thank you to all the techies who do the hard miles on this great site. We bloggers are merely the icing on the cake.

  10. A big thank you to all who work to keep this site going. One of the small havens of sanity in an increasingly insane world.

  11. My technical knowledge of IT matters is inversely proportional to my crosswording ability – so I’m massively grateful to those wizards who do the hard yards to make this site work, as well as to the bloggers who keep us informed, and often amused. Long may the site continue to flourish.

  12. I come here for the crossword and stay for the stories, poems, music, jokes, pedantry, memories…Thank you, all.

  13. I have only rarely ever commented (nothing interesting to add normally) but am a daily visitor and owe my crosswording skills entirely to the site. Just want to add my thanks to all who make it happen

  14. I came across this site in 2021 and it’s been a source of daily pleasure ever since.
    Sincere thanks to those who put in the work behind the scenes.

  15. Thanks to all for making this such a great community – bloggers and commenters alike, but lets not forget our marvellous setters, without whom there would be nothing to blog. For those who are interested I’ve captured a few stats here.

  16. Just want to add my thanks to everyone involved. I don’t often comment as I usually do the crossword after lunch by which time it’s all been said, but I really enjoy the blog and all the random snippets of information, wit and wisdom.

  17. Congrats to everyone – especially the unsung editors/admin/technicians who do the crucial stuff in the background.

  18. A fantastic milestone. Well done and thankyou to everyone involved.
    I come here most days to find out what I should think – Mrs Random likes it if I have some opinions, …. as long as they accord with hers.

  19. Couldn’t sum this site up better than LindsayO; ‘a daily necessity’. Can’t do anything until I’ve completed the crossword and come here to check what everyone has to say about it. As Petronella99 says, we come for the clues and stay for the other entertainments including many excellent recommendations. It is because of this site my husband is currently reading ‘Passage to Juneau’ and I am working my way through what someone here considered the top 6 international opera houses; Covent Garden and La Scala so far. New York next year. So much more than a puzzle thanks to the setters, the solvers and the administrators. Thank you all.

  20. I would like to add my thanks to all those who work so hard to provide this wonderful site. I discovered it in its Livejournal days about 12 or 13 years ago when Googling a difficult clue as a novice Times Xword solver, and have visited most days ever since. The creation of this website with the transfer of all the data from LJ was a huge undertaking which has been expertly executed and a great success. Well done! As I have a glass of red beside me, I’ll raise it to you all. Cheers!! 🍷

  21. It has all been said already, but I felt I had to add my own hearty congratulations to all who make this incomparable site possible.
    I view the site religiously, almost on a daily basis, after usually completing the challenge first of all, but rarely comment.
    I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the bloggers who are second to none in their ability to decipher the seemingly indecipherable and, most importantly, their constant encouragement to tackle these baffling, Byzantine beasties.
    You are a crack, cruciverbal crew.
    Many thanks. Jovan.

  22. 50,000 weekly views 🤪🥂✅🍾🍻🎉✔️❤️

    Just to repeat one of the earlier comments – there is a huge amount of stuff that goes on behind the scenes to keep the show on the road so a huge thanks to everyone that relates to

  23. I usually only pop in at weekends but I’ve been doing the daily this week and I’m so glad I happen to be here for such a Big Day. I always say “Thanks, all,” and it’s thanks for so many different things: the education in all matters Times crossword, for the varied entertainment of the individual blogs, even for the introduction to the lexicon of cricket terms! This is a an invaluable resource for the cryptic crossword student. Thanks, all!

  24. Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved. I remember when I stumbled across the site, I described it enthusiastically to my family. My kids looked at each other and said, “Dad’s found his peeps.” How right they were. I’m another whose day hasn’t properly started without a visit here.

  25. As I have to drive to the next village to get my paper, the crossword is rarely started until the afternoon. Hence, almost anything worth saying has already been said, usually infinitely more cogently.
    My contributions have therefore been appropriately sparse.
    Nonetheless I do come here every day for the potpourri of polymathic parsing brilliance, petulance, primness and pedantry that seasons this wonderful phenomenon.
    With Gratitude


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