Times Saturday 23641 (June 30)

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Solving time 15:25

Just a quick report this week – I’ve had ADSL problems (again!) and the hard disk of my main PC died too, so it’s been a busy and frustrating weekend.


1 DISABUSE – BUS inside (ideas*)
5 STU(ttg)ART
12 ROGATION DAYS – RAYS=notes around (Tonga I do)*. I always thought it was “do re mi…”, but the alternative is in Chambers.
16 SCHOOL DAY – I’m sure I worked out the wordplay last week, but I can’t see it now!
20 DIG IT,AL RADIO(a dial or)* – clever &lit clue.
25 (h)IDE,A,LI(Z)E
26 LI(A,B(arre)L)E


3 B(asmat)I,(SHOP),RIC(e) – “case of basmati” = first and last letters.
6 T(WA,I)N – know your state abbreviations: TN=Tennessee, WA=Washington
11 WITH REGARD TO (tightwad or re)* – the first re being the definition.
13 TAL(MUD,ICA)L – ICA is the London gallery, the Institute of Contemporary Arts.
14 COR,RIG,END,A – I like “Did you ever” = COR.

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  1. This was a lot of fun with unknown words gettable from wordplay – top marks to the esteemed Setter. Rogation Days and Talmudical took a lot of working out but I got there in the end.

    Funnily enough – my LOI was one of Mr Linxit’s omitted “easies”. With just the one word left I showed it to my Muse (Mrs NPBull) who saw it straightway. My excuse is that she gets one every month and I have never had one.

    10a Set with shampoo finally holds one in place (6)
    HA 1 RD O. That is set = HARD holds one = 1 with shampo(O) finally. An &LIT that I just could not see – I was looking for a place (name)!

    15a Result of Cupid’s darts if shielding hasn’t enough resistance? (5)
    A (R) MOUR

    18a Greater numbers turned up to welcome black comedian (9)

    19a Vertical passage of mine (quiet at the back!) (5)
    SH AFT

    24a Reflection of what fits in frAME NICely? (6)

    27a I’ve written a negative word about troubled (lives)* (8)

    1d Cheat expected to take in pawn (4)
    DU P E

    2d Celebrities turned up for wheeler-dealer (4)
    SPIV. VIPS turned up!

    4d Kit may require this, perhaps a diet of one’s own (4-8)
    SELF-ASSEMBLY. Where the DIET is an ASSEMBLY as in the unappetising sounding Diet of Worms.

    7d Some bargain lots (1,5,4)

    17d Firm relocating (to Antibes)* (9)
    OBSTINATE. Great clue!

    21d South Indian maiden in shadow (5)
    TA M IL

    22d Rutherford was one primarily Known In Wilde’s Importance (4)
    KIWI. Great misdirection as Margaret Rutherford was Miss Prism in Wilde’s play but Ernest Rutherford was the NZ born physicist.

    23d Succeeded in black humour (4)
    JE S T. Maybe an “easy” but a very nice one.

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