Times Jumbo 705

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Brought this to solve on a long train journey. Made fairly good progress before getting stuck on 4 across and words crossing it. In normal circs would probably have gone to dicts then, but persisted without them and was pleased to work it all out in the end unaided. Subject to solution tomorrow, I think it’s right.

Solving time: 74 mins
* = anagram < = reversed
4 COCK A TRICE It was buried in memory – eventually got it when I’d enough crossing letters. A mythical reptile.
14 SACRILEGE (girl cease)* Took me much longer to work out than it should have.
15 UNEM OT (to menu)< ION(a) ALLY
16 TH(em) OUGHT
18 HUMAN(e) Pleasing surface with “being” in a different sense.
22 PER F I D(a)Y
27 ST (ONY-HE)ARTED (honey)*
30 REVEL lever<
32 AGNUS DEI (I(E)’D SUNG A)< Latin for “Lamb of God” – part of the RC Mass, which was said in Latin until the reforms of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s. E is the musical note (one of A to G) – see comment on 39 across below.
36 PROSPER O Duke from Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”
37 TEACH A very clever hidden that I did not spot for ages
39 PALETTE KNIFE Definition – cook uses this (a kitchen item) Wordplay: colourful range = palette (used by artists) – three elements K Ni Fe. I’ve noticed in recent years a sharp decline in usages such as this, the notes A to G, and the scale do, re, mi etc. The difficulty is that they may not be specific enough. There are over a hundred elements so in theory there are over a million combinations that could go in here. Admittedly these are common ones, and I doubt if anyone missed the answer after getting ?N?F?.
41 EDITORIALS (I lead riots)* A popular word in crosswords as “leaders” can nicely mislead.
44 DE FAC TO (Cafe’d)< to = closed nearly is a link, I think. Got the answer straight away from the definition “actually” esp with the enumeration, but the wordplay took much longer.
48 MISER (Res I’m)< More notes!
51 J ((n)UBILE) E Je is French for I.
53 PRONOUN (He for one i.e as an example) CE ABLE
54 EIND (HOVE) N (in end)*
55 John DRY DEN
56 PRO’S THESIS Tom = prostitute

1 PESETA Hidden – Spanish currency replaced by the euro in 2002.
2 M (I CROW AVE) OVE N Complex wordplay, but easy from definition and enumeration.
4 CHE ETAH (hate)< One of those I struggled with.
6 A QUA(T)INT Ditto
7 REEVE Ditto. (Double definition)
23 YIDDISHISM (is my dish, I’d)*
24 STAR-SHAPED (shade parts)*
29 S(COR)NFUL Cor for i in sinful! Excellent surface.
33 DR A (W A VE) I (L OVER)
34 HEAD (QUART) ERS Not all headers are passes, though.
42 EYE TEE (ref: golf) T H (first letters)
44 COR RODE o for a in car
46 HI JINKS “high” “jinx”
47 KE (RN) EL
48 MOP(p)ED
52 BO (HE)A Bizarre surface, but it was the last clue!

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  1. A ridiculously slow clean sweep (28:37), where I went moderately quickly through until I hit 46dn, and then took simply ages over HIJINKS, not wanting to give up until I’d cracked it. (Good practice at raw clue-solving, but terrible practice for the Championship, where you need to judge the right moment to give up and move on to the next clue.)
  2. Yes, Tony, I struggled with that one too, before working it out. Very satisfying puzzle.

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