Times Cryptic Jumbo 1515 – Monday 30th August 2021. My 21a is flagging

Hello all, I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday.  What bank holiday? I hear you say.  Yes, two weeks can be a long time, especially in crosswordland.

I wouldn’t win any prizes for time with this one, which I attacked intermittently, but was just glad to get it all sorted without aids.  I didn’t manage to pick out favourite clues either: just too much to choose from for your chronically indecisive blogger.  I did enjoy it though – thanks setter!

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, explicit [deletions] are in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.  For clarity, I omit most link words and some juxtaposition indicators.

1 Other folk on holiday, horribly loud, won’t do what’s expected (5,3,5)
BREAK THE MOULD THEM (other folk) by (on) BREAK (holiday) followed by an anagram of (horribly) LOUD
8 Cross-dressing athlete on wheels? (4,5)
DRAG RACER — A DRAG RACER could be someone racing in drag.  I think that “wheels?” is the definition (by example) – of the vehicle – as the whole doesn’t really work as a cryptic definition
13 Digger scratching left elbow (5)
SHOVE SHOVE[l] (digger) removing (scratching) L (left)
14 Sweet dish from junk sale ultimately in poor state (5,6)
BAKED ALASKA — The last letters of (… ultimately) junK salE in BAD (poor) ALASKA (state)
15 Outlaw seizing Irish kid elsewhere in UK (5)
BAIRN BAN (outlaw) around (seizing) IR (Irish)
16 Sid injured in mishap at sea here, perhaps (9)
AMIDSHIPS SID anagrammed (injured) is in MISHAP anagrammed (at sea)
17 Post taken on by medieval knight? (4)
MAIL — A medieval knight might wear MAIL armour
18 Capital to invest in hospital priest (8)
HELSINKI SINK (to invest) in H (hospital) plus ELI (priest)
20 Tailless beast contrarily eats primarily unripe fruit (6)
GUAVAS SAVAGe (beast) missing the last letter (tailless) in reverse (contrarily) goes around (eats) the first letter of (primarily) Unripe
21 Parish flag maybe showing how well off we are (8,2,6)
STANDARD OF LIVING — A whimsical definition plus a straight one
24 Shift spade over, as nosey parker may (9)
EAVESDROP — Make an anagram of (shift) SPADE OVER
26 Bird‘s down (7)
SWALLOW — Two definitions
27 Cant from Trojan leader on ancient ship (5)
ARGOT — The first letter (leader) of Trojan next to (on) ARGO (ancient ship)
29 Man after rent set out to see him, possibly (6,6)
TENANT FARMER MAN AFTER RENT anagrammed (set out)
31 Staff I’m canvassing for continue standing (5,2,3)
STICK IT OUT STICK (staff) + I TOUT (I’m canvassing for)
33 Masking handle that is holding comparatively little (10)
NAMELESSLY NAMELY (that is) containing (holding) LESS (comparatively little)
35 Complete cast for broadcast provided with initial transport (5,7)
CARRY THROUGH THROUGH, a homophone of (… for broadcast) THREW (cast) preceded by (with initial) CAR and RY (transport)
38 River delta opening in America (5)
INDUS D (delta) inserted into (opening) IN and US (America)
39 Wavering doctor bound to break it (2,5)
IN DOUBT — Make an anagram of (doctor) BOUND; this is to go inside (to break) IT
40 Slickest gambler cleared out with minimal formality (9)
GREASIEST GambleR without the middle letters (cleared out) + EASIEST (minimal formality)
42 Where, it seems, Our Mutual Friend is not to be published (7,9)
BETWEEN OURSELVES — Another pair of definitions, one creative and one normal
44 Fully occupied ground disheartened builder (6)
BURIED — An anagram of (ground) BUI[l]DER without the middle letter (disheartened …)
47 Unexpected benefit from air trip (8)
WINDFALL WIND (air) + FALL (trip)
49 Vitality unknown in middle of fight (4)
ZING Z (unknown) + IN + the middle of fiGht
50 Like daughter perhaps turning to arrange flower mum brought in? (9)
GIRLISHLY — The reversal of (turning) RIG (to arrange) + LILY (flower) with SH (mum) inserted (brought in)
52 Island deporting last of rebels in unfriendly fashion (5)
ICILY — [s]ICILY (island) removing (deporting) the last letter of rebelS
53 Medium, with veil, pipes up here in church (5,6)
54 Male dons fit to walk, slowly (5)
AMBLE M (male) goes inside (dons) ABLE (fit)
55 Improve on dope, ecstasy on most occasions (9)
GENERALLY RALLY (improve) next to (on) GEN (dope) and E (ecstasy)
56 Local restorer renovated thrilling succession of cars (6,7)
ROLLER COASTER LOCAL RESTORER anagrammed (renovated)
1 Set sequins in armband, acquiring uncanny ability (9)
BESPANGLE BANGLE (armband) with the inclusion of (acquiring) ESP (uncanny ability)
2 Cut up about old citizen returning fancy goods (7)
EXOTICA AXE (cut) in reverse (up) around (about) O (old) and CIT (citizen) reversed (returning)
3 Monitors shot youngster tailing guard (5,4,2)
KEEPS TABS ON STAB (shot) and SON (youngster) following (trailing) KEEP (guard)
4 Ferret sank its teeth into inhabitant of hole (6)
HOBBIT HOB (ferret) + BIT (sank its teeth into)
5 Model plugging cosmetics isn’t truthful (5,2,2)
MAKES IT UP SIT (model) inside (plugging) MAKEUP (cosmetics)
6 Cop pursuing a French car took off at the same rate (12)
UNDIMINISHED DI (cop) following (pursuing) UN (a, French) + MINI (car) + SHED (took off)
7 Spiritual leaders in trouble after youth mounted a short service (5,5)
DALAI LAMAS AIL after LAD (youth) reversed (mounted) + A + MASs (short service)
8 Drop Scotch spirit and run (4)
DASH — A quadruple definition
9 Novel term for loo if a WC toilet seat’s broken (1,4,2,3,6)
A TALE OF TWO CITIES — The last letter of (term for) loO plus IF A WC TOILET SEAT is anagrammed (broken)
10 Couturier’s final awards for grand attire (5)
ROBES — CouturieR’s last letter (final) + OBES (awards)
11 Drink that intoxicates one after another in song (7)
CHIANTI I (one) after I (another [one]) in CHANT (song)
12 Product from sewer that may handicap jogger? (7,6)
RUNNING STITCH — A STITCH when RUNNING might slow down a jogger
19 Devotee‘s union vow for the future? (8)
IDOLATER I DO (union vow) … LATER (for the future)
22 National from Quebec joining militant force on island (5)
IRAQI Q (Quebec) next to (joining) IRA, followed by (on) I (island)
23 Trained birds you might catch, in wilful disregard of rules (12,4)
PROFESSIONAL FOUL PROFESSIONAL (trained) + FOUL, a homophone of (… you might catch) FOWL (birds)
25 Baleful case of vile fiend raised (7)
VENOMED — The outer letters (case) of VilE + DEMON (fiend) reversed (raised)
28 Drop high ball with slippery glue coating (7)
GLOBULE LOB (high ball) with an anagram of (slippery) GLUE around (coating)
29 Catch up, wanting desperately to cover cup game (6,7)
TENPIN BOWLING NET (catch) reversed (up) + PINING (wanting desperately) around (to cover) BOWL (cup)
30 Standard question in audition banned (5,3)
RULED OUT RULE (standard) + DOUT, which sounds like (… in audition) DOUBT (question)
32 Speaker’s demonstrated old sound, using unnecessary words (12)
TAUTOLOGICAL TAUT, a homophone of (speaker’s) TAUGHT (demonstrated) + O (old) + LOGICAL (sound)
34 Key hanging on length of cotton thread (5)
LISLE ISLE (key) on L (length)
36 Order CIA just read settled matter (3,8)
RES JUDICATA — Make an anagram of (order) CIA JUST READ
37 Examiner‘s child with unusual clothing snatches it back (10)
QUESTIONER SON (child) with QUEER (unusual) around (clothing) contains (snatches) IT in reverse (back)
40 Person of advanced years fools fliers (4,5)
GREY GEESE GREY (person of advanced years) + GEESE (fools)
41 Child’s favourite bed close to cot, ready to be moved (5,4)
TEDDY BEAR — An anagram of (…to be moved) BED, the last letter of (close to) coT and READY
43 Rigidity is recurrent in part of joint (7)
TENSION IS reversed (recurrent) in TENON (part of joint)
45 Live in trendy manner (7)
INHABIT IN (trendy) + HABIT (manner)
46 Tranquil stretch of Medicine River flowing north (6)
IRENIC — The answer is a part of (stretch of) MediCINE RIver in reverse (flowing north)
48 Hall for accommodating the elderly (5)
FOYER FOR containing (accommodating) YE (the elderly)
51 Menacing sergeant major leaves looking complacent (4)
UGLY — SM (sergeant major) leaves [sm]UGLY (looking complacent)

3 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo 1515 – Monday 30th August 2021. My 21a is flagging”

  1. ….or whether my brain wasn’t quite in gear. For example, I took longer than I probably should have done to spot DRAG RACER, HELSINKI, and TEN PIN BOWLING. The latter was one of my favourites here, as were IN DOUBT, GIRLISHLY, ROLLER COASTER, MAKES IT UP, UNDIMINISHED, and PROFESSIONAL FOUL. COD however goes to BETWEEN OURSELVES.

    I biffed RES JUDICATA, which was my only unknown.

    Almost 50 minutes of Bank Holiday pleasure. Thanks Kitty, and setter.

  2. I enjoyed this one, finishing just within the allotted two hours. Plenty of good clues including some tricky ones which i managed to crack, but then I came unstuck elsewhere. Infuriatingly, my tablet tells me I came 122nd with 2 errors and 580 points. But it will not show me the pink square screen. So it has taken me ages to locate my mistakes: BUSIED instead of BURIED and a typo (not a misspelling) in PROFESSIONAL. I remember getting bogged down with 29dn — TENPIN BOWLING — writing TENNIS in for the first word fairly early on, and even having BOWLING as well (a game of tennis bowling anyone?) before the penny dropped. I liked DASH, GUAVAS (a special Sunday dinner pudding treat when i was a kid — tinned guavas and evaporated milk), GIRLISHLY, FOYER and others. Thanks Kitty and setter
  3. If memory serves (ha!), this was a difficult one, but since I do them all desultorily I can’t remember. DNK PROFESSIONAL FOUL. BETWEEN OURSELVES reminded me that contemporary pedants criticized Dickens for the title, saying that of course it should be ‘our common friend’. Nice to know that we don’t have pedants anymore.

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