Quick Cryptic Number 327 by Mara

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A mainly straightforward solve, with just a couple of clues at the end requiring a bit more rumination. I especially liked 13dn for its mental imagery! Most seemed very succinct clues, too, with economical indicators and definitions – a style I like. There’s something about not knowing which word of a three-word clue is the definition, and having to hold both possibilities in mind, that I find enjoyable (for example 12ac). Of course, then 17ac comes along and forces a change of gear!

Definitions underlined.

1 Mark the moment? (4)
TICK – double definition.
3 Element in ringtone that’s phony? (8)
NITROGEN – anagram of (phoney) RINGTONE.
9 Country song gripping people (7)
ARMENIA – ARIA (song) around (gripping) MEN (people).
10 Sub turned about (1-4)
U-BOAT – anagram of (turned) ABOUT.
11 Sauce sadly backfiring, tasteless ultimately inside (5)
SALSA – ALAS (sadly) backwards (backfiring), with last letter of tastelesS inside.
12 Quietly send favour (6)
PREFER – P (quietly) and REFER (send).
14 Epic thief goes wild for old coins (6,2,5)
PIECES OF EIGHT – anagram of (wild) EPIC THIEF GOES.
17 A meaty firework? (6)
BANGER – cryptic definition.
19 Comfortable thing, right up to this point (2,3)
SO FAR – SOFA (comfortable thing) plus R (right).
22 Greek character has not finished passing mountain (5)
ALPHA – HAs (not finished, i.e. without the final letter) after ALP (mountain).
23 Plant, one no men adored, partly rejected (7)
ANEMONE – hidden in (partly) onE NO MEN Adored, reversed (rejected).
24 Comparatively fair offer in the end — less important to accept that (8)
PRETTIER – PETTIER (less important) to accept last letter of offeR (in the end).
25 Girl — one teacher knocked over (4)
IRIS – I (one), with SIR (teacher) backwards (knocked over).
1 Part of a church where patterns formed (8)
TRANSEPT – anagram of (formed) PATTERNS.
2 Beast arrived late at the start (5)
CAMEL – CAME (arrived) plus first letter of Late (at the start).
4 Trendy to steal? That’s improper! (13)
INAPPROPRIATE – IN (trendy) and APPROPRIATE (steal).
5 Convincingly defeat on English course (5)
ROUTE – ROUT (convincingly defeat) on E (english).
6 Brickone won’t float? (4,3)
GOOD EGG – double definition. A brick is a reliable person, and only bad eggs float in water.
7 Fruitbananas? (4)
NUTS – double definition.
8 Incense in vinegar nearly up-ended (6)
ENRAGE – hidden in vinEGAR NEarly, backwards (up-ended).
13 Naked king pinched by lecherous types? (8)
STARKERS – K (king) surrounded (pinched) by STARERS (lecherous types).
15 Specimen is old enough (7)
EXAMPLE – EX (old, former) and AMPLE (enough).
16 End of June, flower festival (6)
EASTER – last letter of junE with ASTER (flower).
18 Allow elderly relative time (5)
GRANT – GRAN (elderly relative) and T (time).
20 Sounds like a mistake on which to stand? (5)
FLOOR – sounds like “flaw” (mistake).
21 Insect used to be quiet (4)
WASP – WAS (used to be) plus P (quiet).

5 comments on “Quick Cryptic Number 327 by Mara”

  1. 13 minutes, so another missed target for me after yesterday’s brief respite. Had real problems coming up with PRETTIER at 24ac.
    1. Prettier was my LOI too. Less straightforward than yesterday but I’m not quite sure why…
  2. Completely stumped by 24ac, so a DNF today. Otherwise quite pleased about getting the hidden answers. Invariant
  3. My first complete of the week, which was a relief. Couldn’t parse 24a, but I chucked it in from the definition. NW corner held me up for a while as I missed the anagram in 1d and couldn’t get Austria out of my head for 9a. Once I got that the rest was plain sailing. LOI was 8d.
    I’ve noticed that anemone seems to pop up in these things quite regularly.
  4. I found it tricky too. LOI, which took ages, was 24a… thinking blonder or more equitable. Also got misled into thinking 4d was an anagram of “trendy to steal”. 12:50 in all. 6d made me laugh.

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