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I have more to comment on than usual in this one as there are a number of unfamiliar word and one clue (35A) that, despite being short, has a lot of complexity. I must make that my favourite in this solve, although I also liked 12D and 25D.

I did not time myself but I think the time was fairly standard as none of the clues were difficult to solve from wordplay and checkers, just needing subsequent fine tuning of my understanding of how the clues worked and the checking of definitions in the dictionary.

I have my doubts as to whether I will be taking up my place in the Crossword Final this year as travel arrangements are proving problematic after we moved away from the London area earlier this year, so good luck to all competitors.

1 POST-HASTE – Flora POSTE – Stella (Gibbons’) girl from Cold Comfort Farm, around HAST = had
6 STAFFORDSHIRE – STAFFS = groups of workers, HIRE = engage, around O(ld) and RD = road. Stone is a town in Staffordshire
13 LOADS – LADS = boys, around O = love
15 PRAYS – sounds like PRAISE = approval
16 SILLY SEASON – SILLY = stupid, SEA = water, SON = boy
17 LOAD-BEARING – LOADING = extra premium, around BEAR = put up with
18 RAT RACE – RATE = speed, around R.A.C. = drivers
20 ASEPSIS – ASS = stupid man, around EP = record, IS
21 WIDOWER – W(ith), I = one, DOWER = sort of house
23 NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM – NATURE = character, ABHORS = finds repulsive, A VACUUM = household appliance
27 SKA – SKA(ter) = ice-dancer
28 SEESAW – SEE = Bishop’s seat, SAW = was, reversed
29 BELT UP – double definition
31 INDIGNITY – double definition, the second defining IN DIGNITY referencing a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
34 PANELLIST – PT = part, around A NELL = a little girl, and IS/td>
35 HOPPER – (grass)HOPPER = insect, HOPPER = feeder and a HOPPER is only using one leg. So wordplay, straight definition and mildly cryptic definition. I could add a fourth reading with HOP = grass and PER = a, as Chambers has HOP = old slang for any narcotic which would be support for the first part. Hats off to the setter if that was intended
36 DRAGON – DR = GP, around AGON(y) = pain
39 TUG – GUT = narrow water, reversed
40 SWEEP UNDER THE CARPET – SWEEP = worker in chimney, UNDER THE CARPET = rugged on top (with a rug on top)
42 TARNISH – TARN = lake, IS, H(ospital)
43 EXTRACT – EXTRA = more, alternate letters in sCoTt
45 DRESSER – double definition, although there are plenty of dressers still found in kitchens
47 CASTING VOTE – double definition
49 DOUBLE CROSS – DOUBLE = repeated, CROSS = religious symbol. The reference to 55 is to treachery
51 IDOLA – initial letters of Initial Debate Outrageous Lies And. Wordplay was clear but needed to check the word before submission
52 ACCLAMATION – ACTION = operation, around C(aught) and LAMA = priest
53 VIRTU – VIRTU(e) = goodness. Another where the wordplay as clear but I needed to check the word before submission
55 TREACHERY – TEACHER = master, around R = one of the three basics, Y(ears)

1 PALM SPRINGS – PAL = LAP = part of course, reversed, MS = writing, P(oetry), RINGS = calls
2 STARLET – STARLIT = in faint light, with E(nergy) replacing I = one
3 HUSKY – double definition
5 EURASIA – EA = each, around URA(l)S = mountain range, and I = one
7 ANDALUSIA – (v)ANDAL = hooligan, USA = America, around I = one
8 FORMATS – FOR sounds like FOUR = a number, MATS = rugs
9 RAINBOW GUIDE – double definition
10 SEPHARDIM – (co)MRADESHIP* where the removed CO = business
11 IMARI, I, MAR = spoil, I = one
12 EAST GERMANY – the final letters in neglecteD depriveD pooR are DDR, the former East Germany’s initials
19 AIRMAIL – cryptic definition
22 WASHING UP – double definition
24 TWEENAGER – TWEE(t) = message, ANGER*
25 HEELTAP – HEEL = send rugby ball back (in a scrum), TAP = gentle kick. I vaguely remembered this word for drink left in a glass
26 ARIDEST – A, RIDE = journey, ST(reet) = way
32 GARBAGE – GARB = clothes, AGE = start to wear out
33 RIDER HAGGGARD – RIDER = passenger, HAGGARD = looking drained. She is a novel by Rider Haggard
34 POTATO CRISP – POT = jar, A, TOP = lid, around alternate letters in CoRk and IS
37 NATURE STUDY – NATURE = science magazine, STUDY = sketch
38 FER-DE-LANCE – FENCE = barrier, around ALDER*
40 SOI-DISANT – SOD = ground, around I = one, IS, ANT = worker
41 NOTRE DAME – NO = absence of, TAME = uninteresting, around RED = colour
43 ECORCHE – hidden in dECOR CHEers.
44 TOURIST – TOUT = strongly recommend, around (i)RIS(h)
46 SCOURGE – SCOUR = clean, G(reas)E
48 SHOGI – SH = peace, OG I = I GO = one board game, reversed. Another one to check
50 CIVIC – a palindrome so no change on reversal. One can have a CIVIC centre and “of town” is the straight definition

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  1. So that’s what 1d is! I confidently entered PULL STRINGS, which fits the checkers and might mean “for a resort” but has little else going for it. Otherwise a relatively gentle 42 minute solve, introducing SHOGI to my vocabulary. I could say TWEENAGER was another addition, but it’s such a horrible word I’m going to ignore it.
    The two long ones felt oddly connected, that vacuum hiding the dust, perhaps, but both were excellent clues.
    Not at the champs myself this year: are your travel woes resolved?
  2. I managed to complete this correctly in 1:30:40, but I did need to confirm SEPHARDIM, SOI DISANT and FER DE LANCE before submitting, as I’d never heard of them. I didn’t like the word TWEENAGER either. Thanks sgh and setter.

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