COWPOW polls

Unless there are some volunteers to organise them (in which case, add a comment here!), I’m afraid I’m going to drop these – the hour or so each week that it takes to do them is time I’d prefer to spend solving some puzzles – I’m getting stuck into the first Magpie of the year and would also like to have a go at improving my Listener solving this year.

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  1. Could it be automated in some way? Could there be a box in which one entered one’s choice for COD, the number of clicks then determining a COW? And similar for POW? I’m sure it’s a real chore to do it manually, but just wondered whether it could be done without human hand. I find these polls interesting but don’t participate as I don’t have an account.

    If anything were to survive, I would prefer it to be COD and COW rather than POW. I suspect that POW makes the setters a bit uncomfortable.

    1. The bad news: it can’t really be automated reliably.
      The good news: a volunteer has come forward so you should see more polls.
  2. I must admit by the time it comes to vote for the COW I have usually moved on and lost track of the relative merits of clues, and POW even more so unless there has been a really outstanding puzzle, so I shan’t miss it in that respect.

    However I do enjoy considering what to nominate for COD and reading the opinions of others, and I hope we can maintain this as an informal feature of the blog.

  3. I’m happy to help for a couple of months at least until classes start in March. I, too, often don’t vote on POW having lost track of them by the week’s end.

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