Your blog needs you!

We need some new blood on the blogging team. After this Friday’s report we’re losing dhogg – to whom thanks for his work over the last year – and one or two others have said that they’d like to reduce their blogging commitments. To reduce work but keep people on the team, I’m considering sharing some of the weekly slots between two people. You don’t need to be an expert solver, but do need to be able to finish puzzles and then write about them. If you know a little HTML that helps, but it’s not essential. I’m sure that some of our frequent commenters could do a very good job. You’ll need a LiveJournal account (a free one is enough) and a Google account so that you can look at a calendar for scheduling.

Our first need is about two people (or four sharers) for weekly slots writing about the daily cryptic. We also need more Mephisto solvers – if we get two volunteers, each person on the Mephisto team will only be on duty one week in four.

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to bloggers(at)biddlecombe(dot)demon(dot)co(dot)uk Let me know which puzzles you’d like to cover, and for daily cryptic slots, whether you can contribute each week or fortnightly. Our repertoire of puzzles is: Daily cryptic, Sunday Times cryptic, Jumbo cryptic, Mephisto.

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  1. We’ve had some volunteers for the daily puzzle reports and I’ll be letting you know about them soon. We’re still looking for one or two more Mephisto volunteers.

    1. Sorry, I don’t get your point. I haven’t used the word ‘slavers’ in this posting and don’t recall it in a recent puzzle. Am I being dense?

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