6 comments on “We are now officially Big Data”

  1. A very useful and interesting resource, George. Thanks for posting it.

    Jonathan, can we have a permanent link to it under the Snitch and Glossary please?

    1. Interesting perhaps, but I’ve been trying without much success to think how it could be useful! I notice it is not very up-to-date, no entries since late August.
      i would not want it added to TfTT as a permanent link, not yet anyway. If Jonathan is keen it could go under “Other crossword sites,” perhaps

      1. Well I suppose one person’s ‘useful’ is another person’s ‘of no interest’, and perhaps I was being supportive to George since nobody else had responded to his posting at that time.

        I saved the link anyway to my personally customised Home Page so I don’t need it on the LJ site, but I thought it may be handy for others to have it available, wherever it fits most comfortably.

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