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  1. Still don’t get the wordplay, even after giving up and peeking at the answer. Can see “gang” up for “unite” and probably “sh” for “mum”, then my brain stalls.

    Not a complaint! It was fun, and an insight into a very devious mind.

    10Ac was a cracker for a 4 letter answer, but will probably upset any horsey purist, as I suspect bay and roan are distinctly different browns.

    I look forward to the next bonus.

    1. Hi Ross

      15D is pretty tough but I was able to be a bit more experimental since only one answer (I think) fits. The bits you mention are quite right – “gang up” (unite) and “sh” (mum). NOW = “in” in the trendy sense as in “It’s a very now sort of concept”. The def is sneaky, “hitting babies?” alluding to baby teeth; “gnashing” is hitting teeth together.

      BAY/ROAN. I agree that horsey types may point to a difference and I wasn’t convinced they could be called the same. At the time of setting the clue (at work while no-one was watching) I was using online references which listed them as synonyms. My Chambers reference at home shows that ROAN is actually a bay with spots, so I kept the clue on the basis that no-one is telling me how big/numerous the spots have to be; they could be almost unnoticeable.


  2. Another superb puzzle Anax that took me over an hour but was never less than terrific fun. Amongst a collection of purlers 10A has already been mentioned, the definition at 14A is excellently hidden, the anagrind at 26A is brilliant, 9D is clever, and 21D is a very good hidden word. Top of the pops are 11A with the beautifully misleading use of TA, 12D for the definition “army types” and 15D, which is discussed above. Do you ever get any work done? Roll on number six.
    1. Thank you Jimbo – really glad you enjoyed it. As for #006? Well, steady on there. That Penfold chappie is lagging behind somewhat; think he needs to time to catch up.

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