‘Tis the season …

… to curl up somewhere with one of those tough Christmas puzzles?

Have a good Christmas everyone – editors, setters, bloggers, commenters, and silent readers. Those who drop by here should find reports every except Christmas Day day (no Times) as far as I know, but they may appear later than usual.

3 comments on “‘Tis the season …”

  1. Many thanks from one of your fairly silent (and not very regular) readers. I think this blog and its friend fifteensquared (which I visit even less, I’m afraid) are excellent things. Your hard work is appreciated.
  2. Have a very happy Christmas, friends, and thanks Pete for working so hard to make this blog so valuable to us all.
  3. Thank you, Peter, and very merry wishes to you and yours. And to everyone else!

    I’ve enjoyed this blog. Thanks for having me!

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