Times Saturday Quick Cryptics?

At the recent Sloggers and Betters event in York I had a chat with Mick Hodgkin, the Times Puzzles Editor. We talked about the lack of a Quick Cryptic Crossword on a Saturday and he explained the problem was one of space. But he asked a question, “Would people be happy if there was a Saturday Quick Cryptic which was only available online?” So what do you think? Answers as comments to this post please. [Update 23/11 : I have now emailed Mick and included a link to this post and its responses].

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  1. As an online-only solver with no interest in the rest of the paper, it’s a very easy “yes” from me.

    1. Would prefer a paper version as we are luddites but a digital version would be better than nothing. Bet I could find space in the Sat paper!

  2. Of course! I subscribe from Australia, so I don’t get to see what’s in the printed paper anyway.

  3. It’s easy to ask for free stuff. But I presume the costs would be taken from the Puzzle Editors budget? Setters and editors don’t work for free.

    I’m happy with the mix of offerings now, and my QC appetite is well- satisfied on Saturday by the Jumbo Cryptic, which I rate as not much harder than the daily QC. The longer clues, with dense checkers provide a different challenge.

    1. Good point.
      Plus, is there any time left for another crossword after the Saturday cryptic jumbo?

  4. Most definitely yes. As someone who only does the quick cryptic, I miss it at the weekend

  5. Does ‘on-line only’ include the iPad app? Or is it to be in the Crossword Club or elsewhere? I only ever solve on the app (unless I’m blogging), and have never visited either the Club or the fortnightly Saturday QCs ( I know, shocking isn’t it – I’m saving them all up for when I am bed-bound). However, I’d be interested in a Saturday QC in the app. I also think that inviting guest Setters, like bloggers and solvers, is an interesting notion, although I imagine that would add significantly to the editing work load.

    1. I’ll ask Mick what he thinks when I feed back to him. I see no reason why the app couldn’t be included.

  6. Yes please. I don’t really have time for the Jumbo Cryptic but I do miss solving a crossword on a Saturday.

  7. I enjoy the offerings from our “home team” and wonder whether Mick would accept their puzzles if judged up to standard.
    Or might this cause problems with the professional setters?
    Would we have to ask Mick Lynch?

  8. As someone who always does the QC and seldom anything else (15×15 occasionally, but only if advised it is not too challenging, not enough time really for the Jumbo at the weekend), to be offered one more for nothing should be a straightforward yes. But I echo Rotter that I hope it is part of the regular online paper not only in the Crossword Club. And I do note in passing that (a) it will require a 20% increase in the quite excellent blogging team, and (b) it might mean the end of the Saturday Special, which is often the best QC of the fortnight!

    Unless we can persuade John, Phil and Sawbill to continue it as a Sunday Special…


  9. Depends on what is classed as “online” as there are different subscription types. If I can print them off then it would be a “yes” from me.

    However, I enjoy the fortnightly QC’s produced by the dedicated team on here and would miss them if they ceased to be.

  10. Yes please – and Thank You for the information about the Saturday Jumbo, which I don’t usually attempt.

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