Times Saturday Cryptic No 26802 – 12 August 2017. Very relaxing.

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I got through this in just over an hour, so quickly for me. And all done without paper on the new site, since I’m travelling. It was the sort of puzzle I like, with clever word-play leading to straightforward answers. My choice for the clue of the day has to be 20ac, for the nice surface and disguised anagram. Thanks to the setter.

So, the blog. I’ve noticed that the new club site releases answers for the Saturday and Sunday Cryptics mid week, but we are staying with the traditional schedule of blogging the following Saturday, at least for now. Clues are reproduced in blue, with the definition underlined. Anagram indicators are bolded and italicised. Then there’s the answer IN BOLD CAPS, followed by the parsing of the wordplay. (ABC)* means ‘anagram of ABC’, {deletions are in curly brackets}.

1 Judges recalled point in court proceedings (8)
TRIBUNAL: NUB backwards, in TRIAL.
9 Celestial energy shown by article of substance (8)
10 Aim SF film — to be set here? (6)
11 Hidden, doesn’t knock loud enough, maybe, to be heard (5,5)
UNDER WRAPS: sounds like “under-raps”: not rapping loudly enough. Never true of that music genre, surely.
12 Second pub, perhaps, to get criticism (4)
BARB: bar “B”, as opposed to bar “A”. I liked it.
13 Heard a line twist in tighter corner (5,5)
ACUTE ANGLE: if said quickly, sounds like “a cue tangle”.
16 Male style, say, recalled in a mixed collection (7)
MELANGE: M-ELAN, then EG reversed.
17 Film extracts in middle of week showing solar phenomenon? (7)
ECLIPSE: CLIPS inside {w}E-E{k}.
20 Cunningly fit things around husband’s late working (5-5)
NIGHT SHIFT: (FIT THINGS H*), being H for husband.
22 Finished with recession, US city is in need of development (4)
PUNY: UP backwards, then NY.
23 Become enraptured? Request to join parade, nothing more (4,2,4)
FALL IN LOVE: FALL IN = request (or order?) to join parade, LOVE = nothing.
25 Pub brought in music provider, one delivering spirit (6)
DJINNI: DJ-INN-I. I was surprised to find DJINNI is the singular, DJINN the plural.
26 Toilet staff adopting hot water escape mechanism (8)
26 Security around display area overlooking fine marine artefact (3-5)
SEA-SHELL: SEAL around SHEL{f}, overlooking the F. I was doubtful whether sea-shells are artefacts, since they aren’t man-made, but the word play is clear enough. Still shells are made by some sea creature so perhaps they sneak into the definition.

2 Put down Republican representative abandoning daughter (8)
RELEGATE: R for republican, then {d}ELEGATE.
3 Connection I start to build with every Australian resort (5,5)
BONDI BEACH: BOND-I-B{uild}-EACH. And there I thought Bondi Beach was just a suburb of Sydney. Clearly a resort not honoured in its own land!
4 US city routine adopted by US astronomer turning up fuel (7,3)
NATURAL GAS: SAGAN is the astronomer, around LA RUT. Reverse it all.
5 Escort petrol comes with these days (4,3)
LEAD OUT: no explanation required.
6 Senior official dismissing one cleaner (4)
CHAR: remove I from CHAIR.
7 Write an introduction to governing Asian state (6)
PENANG: PEN-AN-G{overning}. The Silicon Valley of the East, according to Wikipedia. Memorable to me for the time I spent two hours inside a jetliner on the runway with no aircond running, at midday under the tropical sun!
8 It can’t be seen through, despite being of transparent material (5,3)
GLASS EYE: true enough, and raised a smile.
14 Exact changes heard originally on good authority (2,8)
15 Nothing from European country involving a cosmetic (4,6)
NAIL POLISH: NIL POLISH, with an A added.
16 Multi-functional staff, though past their best? (8)
MANIFOLD: MAN-IF-OLD. I’m not altogether sure whether “functional” belongs in the definition or not. If I meant multifunctional, I would say “manifold uses”, but there you go.
18 Guardsman told to attack the Spanish (8)
19 Stories about cat in French city (7)
21 Pace entirely controlled by Republicans? (6)
24 Small space satisfactory? Negative response to the fore (4)
NOOK: OK preceded by NO.

9 comments on “Times Saturday Cryptic No 26802 – 12 August 2017. Very relaxing.”

  1. 40 minutes on this pleasant puzzle with no major traumas Joint CODs to ACUTE ANGLE and GLASS EYE with UNDER WRAPS adding nicely to the Bumper Fun Book puns in the NE. Thank you B and setter
  2. 46 minutes with no major problems and all words known. I didn’t have a problem with SEA-SHELL as ‘artefact’ because I didn’t think about it at the time, but on reflection it seems a bit naughty and I can’t find anything approaching support for it in the usual sources.
  3. 18:11. When I go to review this puzzle on the club site it shows my time but all the answers have disappeared. There are so many bugs like this in the new site. I’m no IT expert but surely this isn’t consistent with proper testing. I still can’t use it at all on my Windows laptop: an HP laptop running Windows is apparently not an environment they considered!
    I don’t remember much about this one: I was still on holiday so I probably solved it in the evening after a few glasses of wine. I do remember thinking ‘resort’ was a strange definition for BONDI BEACH.
    1. I solve on a Dell laptop with Windows 10. I find that if I do a puzzle on the club site using Chrome browser, I can see the completed grid as long as I review the puzzle using Chrome, but if I then use MS Edge, the time and score comes up correctly but the grid is blank. The new site leaves a lot to be desired!
      1. I think I have Window 8 on my laptop. It doesn’t work at all, so the problem of reviewing puzzles doesn’t arise.
        I see it’s the same for me: I just tried the puzzle on my iPad, and I can see the answers. I solved this one on my iPad, today I was using my wife’s Apple laptop. And sure enough I can’t see the answers for today’s puzzle on my iPad! Utterly ridiculous.
        I agree, the new site is rubbish in many ways. Fortunately the actually solving experience isn’t too bad (provided you can get it to work that is) although even there the new site is a step backwards IMO.

        Edited at 2017-08-19 09:50 pm (UTC)

  4. 36 mins 45 secs for me. I saw the mog just in time to avoid putting in Litomes at 19dn. I wasn’t sure about request in 23ac but can sort of see it as order now so thank you for that. Knew djinn from William Dalrymple’s City of Djinns the wordplay helped me stick an “i” on the end. FOI 17ac. LOI 11ac. COD 22ac where I thought “finished with recession” a crafty way to clue “up” reversed and recession combined with development gave a misleading surface to do with investment in infrastructure rather than being physically underdeveloped.
  5. Managed to solve this on the day so either it was at the easier end or I’m improving -or both.
    Did not know Djinni so that was LOI with fingers crossed. Struggled to parse Manifold but it looked certain to be right. And Sea Shell left till late for reasons mentioned by others.
    Enjoyed this and lots of satisfying clues.
    I am struggling today though. David

  6. @ 17ac was my FOI and LOI 5dn LEAD OUT which I thought weakish.

    COD 12ac BARB (took a time!)

    WOD 16ac MELANGE

    Time 40 mins

  7. I messed this one up in 27:34 by typing MANYFOLD at 16d. I obviously didn’t parse the second part of the clue. Doh! Otherwise a very enjoyable puzzle. I even remembered DJINNI. Thanks Bruce and setter.

    Edited at 2017-08-19 09:05 pm (UTC)

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