Times Saturday 23713 (22 Sep)

Solving time 13:54

Apologies for leaving this a whole week, but last Saturday’s 12-hour shift turned into a whole week’s worth, and I was just too tired. Still, I keep saying to myself, think of the money!


1 ANTARCTIC (act act in r)*
6 SHREW(d)
10 LEAF MOULD – MO inside (fall due)*
12 ENC,ODER – the river Oder forms part of the border between Germany and Poland.
17 SET A BAD EXAM,PLE(a) – unusual in that the wordplay follows the same form as the answer for most of it. I’m not explaining that very well, but hopefully you know what I mean!
26 (d)ICIER
27 OCHRE – first letters of Colour Hidden, inside ORE, with colour doing double duty as definition and part of the wordplay. I’m surprised the editor allowed it. [ Ochre is also a brownish-yellow mineral, so the clue is &lit (see comments) ]


1 ANAEROBE – hidden reversed in “samplE BORE ANAlysis”.
3 ROYAL GAL,(dian)A – an apple variety, but I couldn’t find it in Chambers. [ Although apparently it is in the Concise Oxford ]
4 TO((b)LUE)NE
5 C(HATE)A,U – more or less = circa = CA.
15 TSAREVICH (chavs tire)*
16 SE,A(b)HORS,E
20 IN(D)I GO – my favourite clue.
22 LI(EG)E – the battle site is Li├Ęge in Belgium.
24 RHINO – “wry, no”

5 comments on “Times Saturday 23713 (22 Sep)”

  1. 27A is an &lit; the definition isn’t just “colour”.
    ROYAL GALA is in the Concise Oxford.
    1. The three wires in an electrical lead are the Live, Earth and Neutral. To earth something electrically is to connect it to ground, so to UNEARTH it could be to disconnect it, by cutting the Earth wire.

  2. A footy XI of “easies”:

    9a Collaborator accepts English path (5)
    ALL E Y

    11a Drive off beat again? (7)

    13a After important match, Wolves say they went shooting for trophies (3,4,7)

    21a Puzzle that’s nothing if not negative? (7)

    23a Cut a certain wire from dredge up (7)
    UNEARTH. A double definition as explained above. I’m not that happy with “unearth” = “dredge up” as one implies on land and the other under water. Picky eh?

    2d Bulb (lit up)* when activated (5)

    6d Additional problem with air conditioning plant (5)
    SUM AC

    7d Journey there and back without any corners? (5,4)

    8d (Saw red)* turning to snipe, for instance (6)
    WADERS. Where snipe can be one or a number of that type of wader.

    18d Don’t drink a black dye (7)

    19d Belt round the middle giving no latitude (7)
    EQUATOR. When on it you have 0 degrees of latitude.

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