Times Saturday 23701 – found it!

Solving time 24:07

When I was solving this puzzle a week last Saturday, I realised it was quite tricky so made some notes on it afterwards to make writing the blog much easier this week! Not scrawled down on a scrap of paper, but properly typewritten ready to paste straight into the blog window.

Then I lost it – unbelievable! I couldn’t remember what I’d called the file or where I’d saved it. I eventually found it tonight under Documents/Crosswords/Times/Blog_23701.odt – I would never have guessed that; I’m not usually so well-organized! Anyway, knowing that I’d already done it really put me off doing it again, as I just had to find the damn thing, which is why it’s a couple of days late!


1 M,ALA(PRO,P.O.)S – P.O. being Petty Officer
9 CAP,U,LET – Juliet’s family name in R&J
10 TOSS,POT – supper as in drinker.
12 OX,LIP – I had no idea that it was a hybrid. Apparently it’s a cross between a cowslip and a primrose.
13 (b)ECOM(e),MER(C)E – I disagree with the enumeration (1,8) in the online version at least, and it held me up in solving the clue.
14 HARPO,N(ON)EST,RING – had to pick apart the wordplay to get this, as I’ve only ever heard it as just HARP ON. I liked ‘Brother keeping mum’= HARPO.
17 PRIVY COUNCILLOR – UN (foreign article) inside (v. poor Cyrillic)*
20 IN,CLEMENT – IN = elected, and there have been 14 Pope Clements, the last dying in 1774.
23 WOO,M,ERA – not a mountain range, but a firing range for weapons testing and a rocket launch facility.
26 GREEN POUND – why French beef? Quoting Chambers: “the agreed value of the pound used to express EU farm prices in sterling and to measure the level of Britain’s contribution under the Common Agricultural Policy.”


3 POLY,PR,OPYLEN=openly*,E – is it a resin, though?
4 (m)ONTH,EGO – I only figured out the wordplay of this afterwards.
5 OUTVOTE – tricky cryptic def. for me, and the last one I put in after going through the alphabet looking for alternatives to OUTDONE.
11 SOMETHING,I,SUP – there’s sup meaning drink again.
15 RAIN CLOUD – not sure I understand this. My guess is a reference to the phrase “Every cloud has a silver lining”.
20 IO,WAN – IO being one of the moons of Jupiter.
22 MIA,O,U – AIM rev=’train climbing’, O=round, U=bend

4 comments on “Times Saturday 23701 – found it!”

  1. 15D: I guess as well as silver linings, there’s the fact that rain can ‘bucket’ or come in bucketfuls.
    1. It’s NODS – double definition. NOD can mean to be careless (which was news to me) or to fall asleep (hence be about to crash).
  2. HARPO being the brother keeping mum. I had to rely on Mrs NPBULL to see that one.

    Eight easies missing the cut:

    6a Expelled for minor quarrel (4)

    21a From the right progrAMME, Grab cover girl (5)

    24a Bird sinking top of bill into sprout (7)

    25a Is careless and is about to crash? (4)
    NODS. I didn’t know the careless meaning but have nodded off more times than I care to mention.

    2d Do like to stuff a couple of pounds in top of coat (5)
    L APE L. Here the “do like” = APE which stuffs (goes inside) a couple of pounds = ££ or LL.

    8d Workers drink, said pupil (5)
    TU TEE

    18d Love to be a song-writer, but not doing covers (4,3)
    0 PEN AIR

    19d Remarkable lack of furniture (7)

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