Times Saturday 23653 (July 14)

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Solving time 10:46

Not too much difficulty here for a Saturday puzzle, and I would have gone under 10 minutes but for spending a while trying to decide what the first letter of 21ac should be. Thankfully I got it right. Good surface readings throughout.


1 DI(OGE)NES – “ego” rev – Greek philosopher who lived in a tub.
10 AMI(E)N’S
13 FRI(CA(S)SE)ED – the setter did well to preserve the surface reading with such complicated wordplay.
21 ROOTLE,S(hop)S – I was also tempted by BOOTLESS and FOOTLESS, both of which might also be applied to a tramp.
23 BRIGHTON BELLE – famous luxury train service that used to run from London to Brighton.
26 TEN,N(ot),YSON(nosy rev.) – 10 being a cardinal (number). I only worked out the wordplay to the first half of the answer while writing this.


3 GRAVE(s),A.C.,CENT – A.C.=Appellation Contrôlée, guarantee of quality.
6 B(ART)ENDER – nice &lit. clue which I initially thought was just a slightly lame cryptic definition.
7 LEA – nice idea. 26ac’s The Charge of the Light Brigade starts:

Half a league, half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred

12 PRACTICALLY – double def.
14 SPACESHIP (peas,chips)* – surface couldn’t be much further from the answer!
20 O.R.,V(I)ETO – OR (other ranks) for “men” is getting a lot more common lately.
22 ALBAN – hidden in “internationAL BANk”

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  1. You can add HOMELESS to the possibilities at 21a if you haven’t managed to unravel 3d – which I did not. I could not parse HOMELESS but it misled me to suspect the second word in 3d was SCHEME. For me – not as easy as our illustrious blogmeister is making out.

    Anyway – I think I managed all the ones that aren’t in the blog:

    6a Song and dance attracts notice (6)

    11a (Flies apt)* to swarm about in such dingy places? (8)

    15a Odd parts of AlGeRiAn city (4)

    16a High point of a mass held in church (4)
    A C M E

    22a A fellow at length finds sheltered spot (6)
    A L COVE. Where L=length and COVE=chap.

    2d (Once I’m)* resettled, (R)egistration is initiated? (7)
    INCOME R. An &Lit with anagrist, anagrind and an initial with the whole being the definition?

    4d Wants massages, so we hear (5)
    NEEDS. SL kneads.

    5d Rearrange deck dance (7)
    SHUFFLE. It took me longer than I would like to see this DD.

    8d He’ll check the accounts, one hears (7)

    17d Flog clothes (7)
    CLOBBER. A DD with 1960s slang. I think of flog as in whip and clobber as in bash but the term to cover this sort of liberalism in these ‘ere parts appears to be “near enough for government work”.

    19d Swoon as exam result is published (4,3)

    24d I plan to expel a troublemaker (3)
    I M(a)P

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