Times Saturday 23593

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Solving time 21:14

I really should make notes while solving, as now I come to write the blog entry I can’t remember what clues caused me problems or why I took so long to solve it. I remember it took me a while to decipher the wordplay for 3 down, but that was after solving the puzzle.


1 BIG APPLE – nice cryptic definition to start off with: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
5 SN[ee](A,Z)ZY. [Oops, I originally had the dwarf’s name as Snoozy, who doesn’t exist!]
10 SALV(e),O – I’m not that keen on “ball” = O, but it’s sort of justified in Chambers with the definition “anything round or nearly so”.
14 BUFF,A,L,O – there it is again: O = wheel this time!
18 RED-EYE – another nice cryptic def. Crashing as in falling asleep.
22 1,N(P)UT – I liked 1 NUT = “minimum for squirrel”
27 PHYSI,O (“fizzy”) – and a third euphemism for O!
28 DOGGER,EL – EL (and even just L) – short for ELevated railway – are becoming increasingly common. One to watch out for.


1 BUS(HB,A,B)Y – HB must be clued as “bold sort of lead”, but the HB pencil I use for Listeners etc doesn’t make particularly bold lines. I suppose it could if you press hard…
2 G,U,LAG – U = “for everyone”, as in film classifications.
3 PRO,XI,MA(am rev)(CENTAUR)I – not just any star, this is the closest one to our Solar System, just 4.22 light years away.
7 Z(IN,F)ANDEL – “New Zealand not a” = ZELAND*
8 Y(AMME=Emma rev)R – Miss Woodhouse is Emma in the book by Jane Austen.
19 (Cz)EC(hs)HO(us)ED – nice variation on the skipping letters clue type
20 TAP IN,TO – “easy chance” = TAP IN, e.g. a 3-inch putt in golf.

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    1. You’re right of course, and I’ve changed it now. All I can say in my defence is that I was quite tired myself when I did the blog entry yesterday morning!
  1. I thought this was a quality crossword, a good mix of novelty and misleads amongst some standard fare. For some reason the clue for ‘doggerel’ entertained me most:
    “Bank with railway lines of inferior quality”
    Good surface reading, not easy to spot the definition, and the wordplay is made up of half UK and half US specific knowledge.

    — Smillsy

  2. You’re confusing him with Sleepy.

    (I always imagine an apocryphal set of dwarves named Sleazy, Sneaky, Shabby, Shifty … it’s hard to stop.)


  3. This was a really fun puzzle with a mixture of astronomy, classics, Disney cartoons, the Shipping Forecast, botany, playground activites and Latin. As I never studied the last of these I was very pleased to unravel the anagram at 11a. This and the other “easies” are here:

    11a Relating to particular individual (made him no)* different (2,7)
    AD HOMINEM. A legal term I suspect?

    12a Perhaps lament players getting the sack (9)
    BAGPIPERS. Is that because they always sound mournful?

    13a Get around plug to fill centre of lever (5)
    EV AD E

    16a Find hidden meaning in last month’s poetry (6)

    23a Bound to put an end to children’s game (9)

    25a Energy evident in revised (re-launch)* of Old Labour (9)
    HERCUL E AN. Hercules – the Jeremy Corbyn of Ancient Greece?

    26a One struggled with climber (5)
    I VIED. A wrestling match with Edmund Hillary?

    9d Hunted around SE African State (6)
    CHA SE D. As far as I have seen, this kind of construction can cause much discussion as it infers African State (is) around SE.

    17d Lily (pad) spolied with (holes)* (8)

    21d Blow landed in skirMISH APpropriately (6)

    24d One wouldn’t give up place in Germany (5)

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