Times Saturday 23480

Solving time 11:30

A welcome relief after the previous Saturday’s really hard puzzle! No obscure vocabulary, and some very well-constructed clues with excellent surface reading. I expect the faster solvers here will have halved my time.


1 SPAR(e)
9 CRAPULENCE (cup cleaner)* – a bit of a loose definition perhaps?
11 POT,E.N.T. – note for beginners: “hospital department” is ALWAYS “ENT” in cryptic crosswords.
12 O,R(THO)D,OX – nicely constructed clue with a good surface reading
15 (m)EMPH(AS)IS,ED – and again
20 0=zero,DIN – nice cryptic definition
21 BER,1 twice – I liked “end of last four months” for BER
25 1(NEXT,R.E.M.)IS – again, nicely constructed


2 P,ARSON,S,N(O)S,E – another word for it is “pope’s nose”, which also appeared in a crossword in the last week or so
4 PA(LET)TE – if you’re wondering how let=hindrance, think tennis.
5 RUN,FORP(=prof rev),RESIDENT
7 L(IV)ID, or for Pietersen maybe LI(VI)D (actually, maybe not in the current test series)
13 OPENING TIME – another one for beginners to look out for. TIME is often clued as “the enemy” (as in the phrase “To have no enemy but time”)
16 IDOLATERS (leotards I)* – ref. Pop Idol
18 NEE,DIE,(poo)R
19 (ca)T,ROTTER – this one doesn’t quite hang together, as “part of” is expected to ignore the rat and associate with the pig. Maybe the exclamation mark lets it off the hook…

One comment on “Times Saturday 23480”

  1. 9a Crapulence was my LOI – I agree that the definition of just “drinking” is inadequate. I’ve had a couple of ice cold Fozzies but I’m along way from the intoxication implied by this word.

    On to the “easies” – they are plentiful on this Saturday offering.

    4a Meticulous detail = PARTICULAR – remember 2-word clue think DD!
    10a Bad? As it happens going in wrong direction = EVIL – “Live” back’rds
    11a Strong drug used by hospital department = POT ENT
    14a Man perhaps held back by travEL SIckness – rev HA – think TT racing
    17a Huge area hosts good party = CONTIN G ENT
    23a Ape beginning to eat fruit = ORANG E – forget the UTAN
    24a People put their skates on = RACE – more than 2 words but still a DD
    26a (Wire pretty)* complex printing machine = TYPEWRITER
    27a In which tools may be lost = SHED – another more-than-2-word DD

    3d Show is about here = RE PRESENT
    6d In time, it’s held up as lethargy = IN ER TI A
    8d (Real)* mad and cross? Don’t be = RELA X – bit of an & litty type of clue?
    21d Heading for baldness before time, which is felt on one’s head = B ERE T
    22d Go over again, with horse rampant? = RECAP – “pacer” back’rds, a sort of equine Chris Chataway? Btw does not “rampant” mean rearing up on hind legs and not turning turtle?

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