Times Jumbo puzzles

As there have been very few comments about these puzzles, I’ve decided that the (sometimes considerable) effort of writing blog entries about them isn’t really justified, and that we’ll stop writing about them. If there are lots of jumbo solvers out there feeling deprived as a result, make yourselves known!

5 comments on “Times Jumbo puzzles”

  1. Since you solve them quickly, I suggest you keep going but write a much shorter blog, commenting on a smaller number of clues (perhaps just singling out the very best ones).
  2. Whilst a full clue disection is probably wasting your time, I for one would certainly appreciate a brief entry, albeit the time taken for comparison, and whether the solver deemed it worthy of their time. And perhaps highlight their favourite clue/answer since the Jumbo can throw up different types of clue than the dailys.

    I think the lack of comment might be due to the fact when you post them – for competition reasons naturally – we’re already in the process of being stumped by the latest incarnation. And we all know how easy it is to remember crosswords for more than a day ago…

    — Steve

  3. I think there are a couple of problems with the Jumbos. First, they are a lot easier now than they used to be, and second, the report doesn’t go up until two weeks after publication, by which time most people (including the blogger) have forgotten about it. I’ve just checked – the last 5 Jumbo entries have attracted two comments between them (both from Pete Biddlecombe). Considering that it takes a lot longer to write a blog entry than it does to solve the puzzle itself (for me at least), I don’t think it’s worth continuing.
  4. Why not put up a blank page in its place so that contributors can post commments on matters arising if they wish?
  5. OK, they’re back in. In my monthly message to contributors, I’ve asked for brief Jumbo reports with solving time, overall remarks and stuff on really noteworthy clues (up to half a dozen or so). That’s a bit more interesting than a weekly “any questions” page, and reduces the work to a level where I’m happy to do the lot myself if other Jumbo contributors don’t want to carry on.

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