Times Jumbo 743 – PB’s anyone?

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I solved this Jumbo on the Saturday afternoon of a nice, relaxing weekend break so I had no intention of “intense” solving.  However, I found this probably the most straightforward Jumbo I can ever recall.  Very little to mislead in the clues, lots of nice anagrams to spot and slot in, and without really exerting myself (a cup of tea and biscuits were being consumed at the same time) I found myself posting what is a good time for me Jumbo-wise.  I would not be surprised if the speed merchants were able to seriously challenge their PBs with this one.  Having said that, overall the clues were a pretty good bunch, good soundness and some excellent surface readings.



DEDUCED (DEDUCtED) – Simple subtraction clue.


SOFIA (I in SOFA) – Everyone loves to relax in a nice, comfy Chesterfield.


CHIRRUP (CHI + PURR rev.) – Expected 49 to equal IL – but no, it refers to 49A, CHI.


LEBANON (BAN in LEON) – You could be picky and ask “does Trotsky actually mean Leon?”.


PAR (RAP rev.) – Oops!  Liberties taken with spacing here – “knock about” is what’s needed to solve the clue.


PERIL (PERI + L) – Useful to know your fairies (PERI) for crosswords if nothing else!


ALTO-RELIEVO (ALTO + RE + LIE + V + O) – Alternative spelling of ALTO-RILIEVO (the version I know) which is in Collins but not Chambers.


HIEROCRACY (HEROIC with the I moving left + RACY) – Tricky treatment of HEROIC here – nice.


FORBIDDEN (END OF BIRDS*) – This was well-disguised anagram fodder – and another cross-reference to another clue answer.


MODEST (MODE + ST) – Had to pause a moment to think of the two ways of arriving at “way”.


SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE (SIGN + ON THE DOT + TED + LINE) – Enjoyed this one.  Nice wordplay and good surface.


INHABIT (i.e. IN HABIT) – Lost a bit of time here interpreting “people” as a verb form.


NUDGE (EG + DUN rev.) – I liked the definition (jog) used to fit the surface.




BACKWARD (i.e. DRAW = BACK WARD) – Something of a chestnut (DRAW = BACKWARD).


YORK MINSTER (ORKNEYS TRIM*) – This was one of many of the nice anagrams with a very natural surface.


EXPOSE (PO’S in EXE) – Expected to be criticizing this one for a loose definition, but I was surprised to find that HAZARD is defined as EXPOSE.


SCAREMONGER (GNOME rev. in SCARR) – Nice clue.  Seasoned campaigners will not find GNOME = SAW hard to spot, but I always enjoy it!


UTRECHT (CERT rev. in UHT) – Every time I see sterilized I think UHT.


DIVERSIONARY (VERSION in DIARY) – Really simple wordplay but a nice surface.


PERMISSIBLE (PERM + SIB in ISLE) – Did like the indication of PERM using “waves” to fit the surface.


REINFORCED (IN FORCE in RED) – It is not REENFORCED (which is hyphenated anyway) – thanks to linxit for correcting my careless error!


TARNISHED (TARN + I SHED) – Nice surface again.


FICTION (FrICTION) – Nearly complained about this one too!  I read the R = resistance and then tried to make RUN = FRICTION.  No, R = RUN – FRICTION = RESISTANCE.


DOG STAR (DOGS + TAR) – Even more cross-referencing – the DOG STAR is part of CANIS MAJOR (8D).


DRESSER (2 def.s) – Real chestnut again to finish off (the blog).




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    1. My mistake – thanks linxit – that explains it! I never even considered REINFORCED, and of course RE-ENFORCED is hyphenated so would have to be indicated as (2-8). Apologies for doubting the setter in what was a completely sound puzzle.
  1. My jumbo PB is a year or two old, but I remember getting within 2 or 3 minutes recently – probably on this puzzle.
  2. These were mills that depended on the rise and fall of the tide via the filling/emptying of a large pool. Significant ones were at Millbay (sic) in Plymouth, owned by Sir Francis drake. Now Millbay is the main ferry dock in Plymouth. These were not the only tide mills in Plymouth.

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