Times Jumbo 732 (Dec 22)

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Anyone still remember this one? Only 2 weeks ago but we’ve had four more Jumbos since then. Just a brief entry for this then, although if you need explanations for any I miss, leave a comment.


9 CA(U,C)US(e) – UC = “you see”.
13 HACKNEY CARRIAGES (a car key searching)* – nice anagram. There’s also a synonym HANSOM at 52A.
17 ADAM – Robert Adam is the architect, but you might not know him from…himself!
25 THIRD MAN – double def. Third Man is a cricket fielding position, and also refers to the dastardly Harry Lime in the film.
26 T OR C
33 EVELYN WAUGH, who wrote Decline and Fall, which could be an abridgment of Gibbons’ title.
48 TAE KWON DO (weak do not)* – another nicely apt anagram.
54 PO,LAND – nightjar her has nothing to do with the bird, but is a cheeky definition for a po, or chamberpot.
56 SATIE,T(ips)Y


1 COHO,R,T(iber) – a coho is a Pacific salmon.
2 ACCRUE – “a crew”
10 AUTARCHY – literally a straight definition, but worded cryptically.
12 SIN,EDIE – literally “without a day”, hence indefinitely postponed. I don’t know where the fresh start comes in.
23 SCARLET PIMPERNEL – it is the name of a flower, as well as the hero of the books by Baroness Orczy.
44 FETCH UP (the Cup F)*
47 FRIDAY – Chesterton’s character is The Man Who Was Thursday.
51 SPIN – nice double def. to finish.

4 comments on “Times Jumbo 732 (Dec 22)”

  1. SINE DIE confused me too, and was my last entry: I think “…to make fresh start” is part of the wordy definition. The clue to 30d (STYX) was good (“Unpleasant place to cross”), but I nearly rushed into ‘stye’. Overall 11:16 which is easily a Jumbo PB for me.
    1. You just shaded my jumbo PB of 11:20. I think I took 13 something for this one – I remember one really quick jumbo recently.
    1. The clue was “Lots of people endlessly following score in test – good shot!” Nice cricket-related surface reading. “Lots of people endlessly” = MAN(y), following “score in test” = MARKS.

      I thought the clue for it in yesterday’s cryptic was better though – “Evangelist’s servant shot”.

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