ST 4257

Last week’s Sunday Times is due for blogging tomorrow. Unfortunately I may not be able to post tomorrow. If I can’t, I’ll try to do so on Monday. If it hasn’t appeared by Tuesday, it won’t then appear until at least the following weekend.

Anyone wishing to comment on the puzzle, or indeed post a blog entry on it, is welcome to do so from tomorrow. Apologies in advance for any delay.

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  1. Quite enjoyable for a Sunday puzzle. I had no major problems solving it though I still have one query at 12 for which I may require the self-kicking boot.

    1 BLACKPOOL TOWER – (top local brew ok)*
    10 RE(C)(O.R.)DS
    11 E,LEG,ANT – “on” = leg in cricket, I believe
    12 C(ART)(I)(L)AGE – Mystified by the “I” here. I assume it is accounted for by the “etc” in the clue but I don’t know why.
    13 SUGAR-RAG US (rev.)
    15 STRIDE,N(ettles),T(horns)
    18 LOCKE,D.U.P. – The philospher is John Locke. D.U.P.= Democratic Unionist Party
    20 MARC,US – Marc is brandy made from grape skins and other leftovers
    23 TWIST – A reference to Oliver who asked for more gruel
    26 ARAP,A,HO – “PARA” (rev.) + A HO(use)

    2 L(A CERT)A(ce) – Hollywood = LA here. Lacerta is a constellation and was new to me.
    4 PASCAL – Hidden
    5 O,MELE(T.T.)E
    6 (di’s)TRESS
    8 RETURN TO SENDER – (deserter on run + t)* As in the famous song by Elvis
    9 CROCODILE TEARS – (actor cries dole)*
    16 INAMORATO – (oration + m)* Three consecutive anagrams! A bit much, I feel.
    19 CHIC,A,GO – “Eleven” being a reference to 11A (elegant)
    21 C(h)AMPION
    22 S(HER)PA
    24 TRA(M)P

  2. The setter thanks you for the feedback and can confirm that his clue for 12A had ‘I’ before ‘left’– please blame the printers!
  3. Thanks very much for having blogged this puzzle in my absence, it would have been a week late otherwise. Normal service has now resumed.

  4. Despite the stand-in blogger there are still 3 “easies” omitted from the blog including a crafty American spelling:

    14a Monster to continue in boring fashion? (6)

    27a Acquire through a combination of ire and zeal (7)
    REALIZE. The Z is unchecked but the English REALISE would not be an acceptable answer as the anagram fodder is IRE & ZEAL.

    7d Wife has right viewpoint in dispute (7)
    W R ANGLE. A clue containing a universal truth?

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