Times Jumbo 691 – Asian elephant

Solving time 20:18

I hadn’t noticed, when calling a previous Jumbo post “African Elephant”, that the other kind appears at 30D in this puzzle. A few tricky corners here – my copy has some crossing out of red herrings like FALSE HOPE for FALSE DAWN, and there are some words from the dustier corners of the dictionary and atlas.

14 ALBIGENSIAN – (I ban a single)*
21 PECHORA – O in (a perch)* – you know it’s an obscure river when you read the words “this … article is a stub”.
39 ANI – a bird, the “black cuckoo”
42 ORGAN,ON – a system of logic (easily confused in my mind with organum – early counterpoint)
54 THE NOES HAVE IT – (in vote he hates)*
2 THE OAKS – clue refers to the saying about tiny acorns and mighty oaks
5 SIB=bis<=,SHIP
10 (cli)ENTELE,C,H,Y – maybe a slight slip from usual Times standards here – surface meaning seems unusually weak.
25 ORIG(A.M.)I(nates)
30 ASIAN ELEPHANT – (then is a plane a)*
43 BACTRIA – (air,ta(c)b)<= – which must be where the two-humped camels come from

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  1. I got into a bit of a mess in the top right, for some reason struggling with “Split personality before the split?” (11) (answer: YUGOSLAVIAN) which I loved when I finally got it, and also 17ac (BRUCELLOSIS).
    1. I should probably have included BRUCELLOSIS as an obscure answer. Anyone puzzled by Neil’s way of showing the answer when you’re ready: select the white area with the mouse.

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