Times for The Times Summer Gathering.

Thanks to all who came on Saturday. It was a great day. In all we had over 25 solvers, commenters, bloggers, setters and editors, and we all raised a glass to the late Richard Rogan. You can find my personal blog post with a few photos here

12 comments on “Times for The Times Summer Gathering.”

  1. Thanks, John (and David) for the photos. I am so sorry that I was abroad.

    It is lovely to put faces to names.

    I joined the toast to Richard Rogan albeit from across the sea.

  2. Thank you for sharing those photos, what a turnout! It is indeed lovely to see faces behind the names.

  3. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Nice to see some faces to put names to. Hopefully will see some of you at the York Meetup in October.

  4. Good to see the photos, though sometimes hard to work out who is who!
    Glad you had a good time.

  5. Agree it’s fun to see what the people behind the words look like. Everyone is so much handsomer than I’d imagined!

  6. Here’s an idea. Would it be possible to arrange a Zoom or Google meet at a time somewhat convenient for a large proportion of our cohort?

    1. I think a zoom/google meet call is a great idea- would allow some of the overseas people to attend a meetup. I’ve done some with old school friends and found them very enjoyable. Perhaps could be scheduled on a weekend evening so that people from states could also dial in? I dont have a zoom line but happy to host with someone else’s if needed?

  7. Thanks John and David1 for organising this lovely event and for taking all the great photos. I had a really great time- had never been to a crossword event other than the championships- and was great to see such a large turnout and meet so many of the bloggers, solvers and commenters for the first time. A fitting tribute to Richard Rogan who has given us all so much pleasure over the years. Look forward to seeing lots of you again at the championships in October.


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