Times Cryptic Jumbo 1590 – 24 December 2022. Blimey!

Hello, and Happy New Year!  Our seasonal bling is cleared away but there is still a plentiful supply of chocolate to polish off – just how I like it.

This was, I’m sure, the first time I’ve ever done a Jumbo in less than half an hour.  So thank you very much, setter, for that welcome gift.

I can’t remember my last in, but at the end I had two entries with a square unfilled (my indication of a half-parsed answer): ONE-SIDED and A DIME A DOZEN.  I was wondering whether to allow myself to stop the clock and sort those out at leisure, but happily no need.

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, explicit [deletions] are in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.  For clarity, I omit most link words and some juxtaposition indicators.

1a Exploits swimmer to get drink (9)
MILKSHAKE MILKS (exploits) + HAKE (swimmer)
6a Foundation of building at first unchanged (5)
BASIS — The first letter of (… at first) Building + AS IS (unchanged)
9a Conductor from West, say, with brief tantrum (7)
MAESTRO MAE (West, say) + STROp (tantrum) without the last letter (brief …)
13a Racket game for Australian native (5)
DINGO DIN (racket) + GO (game)
14a Street surrounded by vigour near large city (7)
BRISTOL ST (street) surrounded by BRIO (vigour) + L (large)
15a Flat maybe wanting fish without a fridge ultimately (3,2,4)
OUT OF TUNE OUT OF TUN[a] (wanting fish) without A + the last letter of (… ultimately) fridgE
16a Intense questioning of PhD often (5,6)
17a Dessert with price oddly selected following prohibition of payment (8,3)
BANOFFEE PIE — Odd letters of (with … oddly selected) PrIcE following BAN (prohibition) + OF + FEE (payment)
18a Everyone cries for permits (6)
ALLOWS ALL (everyone) + OWS (cries)
19a Biased person is identified without masque, finally (3-5)
ONE-SIDED ONES (person is) + IDD (identified) around (without) masquE finally
21a Entire skill of a diplomat found here? (6)
INTACT — A diplomat’s skill can be said to be found IN TACT
25a Some letters from fellow read aloud on ship (4,4)
JUNK MAIL — MALE (fellow), homophone (read aloud) next to (on) JUNK (ship)
26a Ports, say, protected from attack by dictator’s drones (9,5)
FORTIFIED WINES FORTIFIED (protected from attack) + a sound-alike of (dictator’s) WHINES (drones)
28a Cutting cake initially, one clasped by boy (5)
SCION Cake initially and I (one) inside (clasped by) SON (boy)
29a Fish I found in home (6)
PLAICE I found in PLACE (home)
30a Cold place to store food — that’s a profound relief, reportedly (4,6)
DEEP FREEZE — DEEP (profound) + FRIEZE (relief), homophone (reportedly)
33a Turbulent situations disturbed most realms (10)
MAELSTROMS — An anagram of (disturbed) MOST REALMS
35a Lady, perhaps, eats a northern cheese (6)
PANEER PEER (lady, perhaps) surrounds (eats) A and N (northern)
36a Rock band do as I say, in part (5)
OASIS — The answer is contained in (… in part) dO AS I Say
38a Child’s punishment maybe includes working with unknown old vase? No chance! (3,2,4,5)
NOT ON YOUR NELLY NO TELLY (child’s punishment maybe) contains (includes) ON (working) with Y (unknown), O (old) and URN (vase)
40a Stealthily ripped into poet (2,6)
ON TIPTOE — An anagram of (ripped) INTO POET
42a Naval explosive placed around a river (6)
MARINE MINE (explosive) placed around A and R (river)
43a Idle joke about money? (8)
LOLLYGAG — A joke about money might be a LOLLY GAG, lolly being slang for money.  I had come across lollygagging somewhere just recently and had looked it up to remind myself of its meaning – it’s nice when that happens
44a Arranged to get going (3,3)
SET OUT — Two definitions
47a Common period of time, that is, to grab nap (1,4,1,5)
A DIME A DOZEN AD (period of time) + I MEAN (that is) holding (to grab) DOZE (nap).  The DOZE was clear, but I took a bit longer to see the rest
50a Calamity as the captor collapses (11)
CATASTROPHE AS THE CAPTOR is anagrammed (collapses)
52a Court controversy with solar winds? (4,5)
SHOW TRIAL WITH SOLAR is anagrammed (winds)
53a Sucker‘s anger after beginning to value a politician (7)
VAMPIRE IRE (anger) after the first letter of (beginning to) Value, A and MP (politician)
54a Family member returning home with teacher regularly (5)
NIECE — Reversed (returning), IN (home) + tEaChEr regularly
55a Island we hear was windy: shade provided (3-4)
SKY-BLUE We hear that SKYE (island) BLEW (was windy)
56a Injured capturing small wood (5)
HURST HURT (hurt) taking in (capturing) S (small)
57a Defence for Boxing Day — smile and hug freely at first! (9)
GUMSHIELD D (day), preceded by (… at first) SMILE and HUG anagrammed (freely)
1d Thick fog covers roof of dome (5)
MIDST MIST (fog) surrounds (covers) the first letter of (roof of) Dome
2d Idling adolescent mixed a cocktail (4,6,4,3)
3d Lady fighting Society over an argument with country (11)
SWORDSWOMAN S (society) + WORDS (an argument) + W (with) + OMAN (country)
4d Wearing new medal, bachelor strolled around (6)
AMBLED — Inside (wearing) an anagram of (new) MEDAL is B (bachelor)
5d Put out about relative, one who’s leaving (8)
EMIGRANT EMIT (put out) around (about) GRAN (relative)
6d Make a mess of eating complete box of synthetic sweet (12)
BUTTERSCOTCH BOTCH (make a mess of) around (eating) UTTER (complete) and the outer letters of (box of) SynthetiC
7d Deadline for shifting steel badly slipping (4-2,4)
SELL-BY DATE STEEL BADLY anagrammed (slipping)
8d Pick up my mistake with new piece of cutlery (5)
SPOON — Reverse (pick up) OOPS (my mistake) and add N (new)
9d Forecasters got together and cancelled weather warning? (3,6)
MET OFFICE MET (got together) + OFF (cancelled) + ICE (weather warning?)
10d Monument‘s lower fee fit for changing (6,5)
EIFFEL TOWER LOWER FEE FIT is to be anagrammed (for changing)
11d In secret, hum Prince hit (5)
THUMP — The answer is found in secreT HUM Prince
12d Test quantity of oxygen? (1,5)
O LEVEL — The O LEVEL could mean the quantity of oxygen
18d Notice no women finally resist change (10)
ADJUSTMENT AD (notice) + JUST MEN (no women) + finally resisT
20d Disagreed with detective and FBI agent imprisoning upstanding whistle-blower (8)
DIFFERED DI (detective) and FED (FBI agent) around (imprisoning) the reversal of (upstanding) REF (whistle-blower)
22d Opposite church, outside smashed in patio? That’ll get people talking! (12,5)
CONVERSATION PIECE CONVERSE (opposite) and CE (church) outside an anagram of (smashed) IN PATIO
23d Compensated over this baby product (6)
DIAPER REPAID (compensated) reversed (over)
24d Fools, with son, intended to skip a test (10)
ASSESSMENT ASSES (fools) + S (son) + ME[a]NT (intended) missing (to skip) A
27d Castle dog upset by minute exam (8)
BALMORAL LAB (dog) reversed (upset) + M (minute) + ORAL (exam)
31d Trimming top of pearl on a piece of jewellery (6)
PARING — The first letter of (top of) Pearl + A + RING (piece of jewellery)
32d Regular visitor hurrying primarily over paths to arrive on time? (7,5)
HALLEYS COMET Hurrying primarily + ALLEYS (paths) + COME (to arrive) + T (time)
34d Dispatched north of India, intellectual is nostalgic (11)
SENTIMENTAL SENT (dispatched) above (north of) I (India) + MENTAL (intellectual)
36d Peace offering playing havoc with Berlin (5,6)
OLIVE BRANCH — An anagram of (playing) HAVOC with BERLIN
37d On good terms continually? Blimey! (4,1,5)
WELL I NEVER WELL IN (on good terms) + EVER (continually)
39d Heightened activity due to parking place (9)
OVERDRIVE OVER (due to) + DRIVE (parking place)
41d Learner breaking in and fighting (8)
BATTLING L (learner) inside (breaking) BATTING (in)
45d State of king heading an elite group (6)
KANSAS K (king) + AN + SAS (elite group)
46d Runs into European heading north to get treasure (6)
ESTEEM MEETS (runs into) and E (European), all written upwards (heading north)
48d Key material alternatively found in plant? (5)
IVORY OR (alternatively) found in IVY (plant)
49d Elizabeth erected church for nothing (5)
ZILCH LIZ (Elizabeth) raised (erected) + CH (church)
51d Correct the setter, in conclusion (5)
EMEND ME (the setter) in END (conclusion)

6 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo 1590 – 24 December 2022. Blimey!”

  1. The cocktail is actually pretty good (and doesn’t contain any iced tea, it just looks like it). But it is very strong since it contains pretty much everything (gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and more). It was apparently invented in a different Long Island from the one in New York.

    It took me 75 minutes to finish this but I was all correct. LOI BATTLING

  2. One session, which is rare for a Jumbo. NHO LOLLYGAG and I may have used aids to find it as the only clue that gave me any trouble. I thought I detected an American feel to the whole procedure.

  3. 1 hour and 9 minutes. I romped through this one. Great fun. Some were quickly BIFD, then slowly parsed, esp NOT ON YOUR NELLY and A DIME A DOZEN. I enjoyed MAESTRO (with MAE cllued by West), just men in ADJUSTMENT, MILKS/HAKE and OUT OF TUNa. COD to O LEVEL

  4. Completed in about 2 hours, which is about as fast as I can go.

    Liked Childs Punishment = No Telly !


  5. Good time, Kitty – it took me 33 1/2 minutes. Spoilt on entering online by a typo. Grr. I’m another who DNK LOLLYGAG. SCION = cutting was new to me too. COD to NOT ON YOUR NELLY, a phrase my Dad used to use. Thank-you Kitty and setter.

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