Times Cryptic Jumbo 1580 – 15 October 2022. Cryptic inspected, filled with old tricks

Greetings from York, where I am in attendance at John Henderson’s annual Sloggers & Betters gathering.  As a result I may be late and/or or under the influence when replying to any comments.

I solved most of this on the journey up, and it was certainly a welcome diversion from being crammed with fellow suffers into an overcrowded train.

When around people, and especially when travelling, my solving ability nosedives from somewhere between mediocre and half decent to “has trouble thinking of a three letter animal to fit C_T”.  As a result I have no sensible time to report, but was glad to almost finish.  Almost, because I put AUTOSTRADE in place of AUTOSTRADA – I blame my travel-addled state.  I needed to set aside a couple of interlinked sections for later: GHANA/GEYSER/GREYMATTER and ARBORESCENT/TELESCOPE, but got there in the end.

On writing this up I noticed that we have a generous helping of homophones and double definitions.  There were quite a few candidates for my pick of the clues: POINTLESS is on the long side, but I liked the construction and the surface being potentially appropriate for me this weekend.  Cheers setter!

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, explicit [deletions] are in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.  For clarity, I omit most link words and some juxtaposition indicators.

1a In vain, still awaiting service from bartender, allowing round character to push in? (9)
POINTLESS PINTLESS (still awaiting service from bartender), letting in (allowingto push in) O (round character)
6a Reservists accessing land from the East after deposing leader in country (5)
QATAR TA (reservists) going inside (accessing) [i]RAQ (land) reversed (from the East), its first letter having been removed (after deposing leader)
9a A doctor getting around predicament, gallant (7)
ADMIRER A + DR (doctor) getting around MIRE (predicament)
13a Odd bits removed from boiled rice, wrinkly (5)
OLDIE Odd bits removed from bOiLeD rIcE
14a Scene I love in theatrical piece (7)
DIORAMA I and O (love) in DRAMA (theatrical piece)
15a Communicate anger initially in rage (3,6)
GET ACROSS — The first letter of (initially) Anger in GET CROSS (rage)
16a Criminal, harmless beauty (11)
SAFECRACKER SAFE (harmless) + CRACKER (beauty)
17a One revealing all as tapestries unravelled, beginning on reconstruction (11)
STRIPTEASER TAPESTRIES anagrammed (unravelled) + the first letter of (beginning on) Reconstruction
18a Maestro in control, by the sound of it? (6)
HANDEL — HANDLE (control), homophone (by the sound of it)
19a Idyllic Scottish isle inspiring painting by Pissarro, originally (8)
UNSPOILT UNST (Scottish isle) taking in (inspiring) OIL (painting) next to (by) the first letter of (… originally) Pissarro
21a African really, African land (6)
SOMALI SO (really) + MALI (African land)
25a Avian selection from menu: that chicken? (8)
NUTHATCH — A neatly hidden selection from meNU: THAT CHicken
26a Note, I falter after passing motorway (14)
DEMISEMIQUAVER I and QUAVER (falter) after DEMISE (passing) and M (motorway)
28a Fermentation ingredient for instance fuelling still (5)
YEAST AS (for instance) inside (fuelling) YET (still)
29a Cub that is beside man (6)
ROOKIE IE (that is) beside ROOK (man, chess piece)
30a Through taking leave, work at getting around puzzlement (10)
PERPLEXITY PER (through) + EXIT (leave) with PLY (work at) outside (getting round)
33a Quick way golden tortilla stuffed with last of cheddar (10)
AUTOSTRADA AU (golden) + TOSTADA (tortilla) containing (stuffed with) the final letter of (last of) cheddaRNot sure about AU for golden rather than gold
35a Month before king of France backed youth (6)
JUNIOR JUN (month) before ROI (king of France) reversed (backed)
36a In declaration, acquire land (5)
GHANA — Sounds like (in declaration) GARNER (acquire)
38a Blow that may have loosened dentures? (4,2,3,5)
KICK IN THE TEETH — A literal KICK IN THE TEETH might well have loosened dentures, if dentures are the teeth in question
40a One couldn’t translate last part of poem, too long for translation (8)
MONOGLOT — The last part of poeM + TOO LONG anagrammed (for translation)
42a Leading to end of obstruction, mostly healthy (6)
LETHAL LET (obstruction) +all but the last letter of (mostly) HALe (healthy)
43a Animal‘s oink best neglected (8)
STEINBOK OINK BEST anagrammed (neglected)
44a Spring when fellow overheard? (6)
GEYSER — GEEZER (fellow), sound-alike (overheard?).  Other pronunciations of geyser are available, but the question mark covers that
47a As, for example, planes run well during first minutes of flight? (11)
ARBORESCENT R (run) and BORE (well) inside (during) ASCENT (first minutes of flight?)
50a Token: give fourth out, banking first of cash (4,7)
GIFT VOUCHER GIVE FOURTH anagrammed (out) around (banking) the initial letter of (first of) Cash
52a Socially distancing in a fog (6,3)
SPACED OUT — When socially distancing, people are literally SPACED OUT
53a Girl wearing old fifties garment (7)
OVERALL VERA (girl) inside (wearing) O (old) and L L (fifties)
54a Stout or plonk? (5)
PLUMP — Two definitions
55a Doing a twirl in dress, it amuses artist (7)
MATISSE — In reverse (doing a twirl), the answer is in drESS, IT AMuses
56a Sticky stuff, make error again? (5)
RESIN RESIN (make error again?)
57a Care when mate tumbles into river (9)
TREATMENT MATE is anagrammed (tumbles) and put into TRENT (river)
1d Churchgoing liberal missing company initially (5)
PIOUS — [co]PIOUS (liberal) without (missing) its initial CO (company)
2d What might be an incident I felt I messed up, having trapped organ (10,7)
INDEFINITE ARTICLE INCIDENT I FELT I anagrammed (messed up) surrounding (having trapped) EAR (organ)
3d Sweet nurse containing spillage of claret (7,4)
TREACLE TART TREAT (nurse) containing an anagram (spillage) of CLARET
4d Draw? Result needing attention (6)
ENDEAR END (result) + EAR (attention)
5d Awful taking belt out to constrict part of leg (8)
SHOCKING SING (belt out) around (to constrict) HOCK (part of leg)
6d As subversive on pier had, seaside picture (12)
QUADROPHENIA QUA (as, Latin for “in the capacity of”) + an anagram of (subversive) ON PIER HAD
7d In conversation pour liquor, as unifying resolution (4,6)
TEAM SPIRIT — Homophone of (in conversation) TEEM (pour) + SPIRIT (liquor)
8d I’ve got that man (5)
ROGER — A double definition
9d Pour in an Italian drink for starters (9)
ANTIPASTI TIP (pour) in AN and ASTI (Italian drink)
10d Audio equipment important, computer accessory unimportant (6,5)
MICKEY MOUSE — A charade of MIC (audio equipment), KEY (important) and MOUSE (computer accessory)
11d Cultural identity courses discussed? (5)
ROOTS — ROUTES (courses), sound-alike (discussed)
12d Place for break from teaching bible class (6)
RESORT RE (teaching bible) + SORT (class).  Teaching bible should be read as teaching of or about the bible
18d Something up sleeve, natural killer initially charging money for mischief (5-5)
HANKY-PANKY HANKY (something up sleeve) + the first letters of (… initially) Natural Killer filling (charging) PAY (money)
20d Unusual instrument just spinning in gossamer (8)
THEREMIN — The reversal of (… spinning) MERE (just) in THIN (gossamer)
22d Be vulnerable to damage by stick — as might tomato plant? (4,2,1,5,5)
LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE — Two definitions; the dictionary one is underlined
23d Recorder, one making music? (6)
SCORER — A double definition
24d Common sense to carry weight under horse (4,6)
GREY MATTER MATTER (to carry weight) under GREY (horse)
27d My nutritional value (8)
GOODNESS — Another double definition
31d Copy the sixth of Henry’s books (6)
PARROT PARR (the sixth of Henry’s) + OT (books)
32d Placing coin, there’s a hole in it (7,5)
PUTTING GREEN PUTTING (placing) + GREEN (coin, money)
34d Little bits present in mess tin, gone off (11)
SMITHEREENS HERE (present) in MESS TIN anagrammed (gone off)
36d Entertainer on hand? (5,6)
GLOVE PUPPET — A cryptic definition
37d Cryptic inspected, filled with old tricks (10)
DECEPTIONS — An anagram of (cryptic) INSPECTED filled with O (old)
39d Concertina reflecting instrument? (9)
TELESCOPE — Two definitions, the first a verb
41d Style in Versailles, period trousers unfashionable after revolution (8)
BOUFFANT BOUT (period) goes around (trousers) the reversal of (… after revolution) NAFF (unfashionable)
45d Reportedly fine coach (6)
HANSOM — Sounds like (reportedly) HANDSOME (fine)
46d Sophisticated Soviet letter, every other part redacted (6)
SVELTE SoViEt LeTtEr with alternate letters removed (every other part redacted)
48d Devil, since secured by stake (5)
BEAST AS (since) inside (secured by) BET stake
49d Keywhat to do with it? (5)
ENTER — The key is first a computer key, then it is a device for unlocking and hence a means to ENTER
51d Again, plant that’s lush coming up (5)
REPOT TOPER (lush) reversed (that’s coming up)

5 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo 1580 – 15 October 2022. Cryptic inspected, filled with old tricks”

  1. DNF; never got UNSPOILT or QUADROPHENIA. DNK UNST, and NHO QUADROPHENIA, which I can’t find in ODE or Collins. I had some MERs over definitions: to get CROSS is hardly to rage; SVELTE is hardly sophisticated; GREY MATTER is intelligence not common sense; coin may = money, and GREEN may = money, but that doesn’t mean that coin=green.

  2. This was hard. At the time I abandoned it with 2 hours on the clock, eighty-something per cent done. I finished it off last night, helped b by the fresh look and a couple of goes with the wordsearch app (it seems such a shame not to finish when you’re so close). I was held up most by PERPLEXITY, GHANA, STEINBOK (of course), ARBORESCENT, GREY MATTER and DECEPTIONS.
    I was OK with QUADROPHENIA; I was a Mod (well, I had a scooter and parka). I wasn’t at Brighton but I know the events, the album and the movie.
    I liked HANSOM and GEYSER for the little light relief

  3. I found this quite hard, as a result of which I am a week behind now with the jumbos. I may skip last week’s, life too short..

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