Times Cryptic Jumbo 1570 – 12 August 2022. Foolish pursuits

Hi everybody.  This didn’t seem hard at first, but proved to have some hidden teeth.  I used a bit of dictionary help in the end, so not a finish under exam conditions.  Fortunately, I don’t treat crosswords as exams.  (Unless I ace them, of course!)  I was also pretty slow with the longer anagrams, but that’s nothing new.

I liked 15a which, apart from being nice in itself, reminded me of a recent puzzle in another place.  39d was also novel.  Thanks setter!

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, explicit [deletions] are in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.  For clarity, I omit most link words and some juxtaposition indicators.

1a They dread running dry (9)
DEHYDRATE THEY DREAD anagrammed (running)
6a Type of spring (5)
FOUNT — Two definitions, the first relating to print.  I had trouble with this until I realised fount was another spelling of font (it’s actually the first listed in Chambers)
9a Plant is high around noon (7)
INSTALL IS and TALL (high) around N (noon)
13a What determines fate of king beginning to ask about power (5)
KARMA K (king) and the first letter of (beginning to) Ask around (about) ARM (power, figurative)
14a Military commander one’s surprised in castle courtyard (7)
WARLORD LOR (one’s surprised) in WARD (castle courtyard).  Another I struggled with, convincing myself the warlord was a name or a foreign term I didn’t know, and not having a clue about the courtyard – until I had it, at which point, sure, I knew it then!
15a What might indicate it to be a poor area (5,4)
INNER CITY — A reverse clue:  The middle of (INNER) CITY might cryptically indicate IT
16a Consultants have money cut as outside roster (11)
SPECIALISTS SPECIe (money) without the last letter (cut) + AS around (outside) LIST (roster)
17a I target urge desperately to bring matter up again (11)
REGURGITATE I TARGET URGE anagrammed (desperately)
18a Doctor takes side of blade to explore deeper? (6)
DREDGE DR (doctor) + EDGE (side of blade)
19a Pill taken before operation here in theatre? (8)
TABLETOP TABLET (pill) taken before OP (operation)
21a Medical officer leads because of the possibility of assault (6)
MOLEST MO (medical officer) precedes (leads) LEST (because of the possibility of)
25a Catching girl leaving — not good — earlier (8)
LASSOING LASS (girl) + [g]OING (leaving) without (not) the first or earlier G (good)
26a Run round southeast in rugged old hunting land, a foolish pursuit (4-5,5)
WILD-GOOSE CHASE GO (run), O (round) and SE (southeast) are in WILD (rugged) plus CHASE (old hunting land)
28a Doubt in the capacity of learner driver before motorway (5)
QUALM QUA (in the capacity of) + L (learner driver) + M (motorway)
29a Mostly wrong backing railway system run by clockwork (6)
ORRERY — All but the last letter of (mostly) ERROr (wrong) reversed (backing) + RY (railway)
30a Restricted activity near key society dance (6,4)
CLOSED SHOP CLOSE (near) + D (key) + S (society) + HOP (dance)
33a What can be done to uranium giving gold? (10)
ENRICHMENT — A double definition
35a A long way into a meal (6)
FARINA FAR (a long way) + IN (into) + AA new word for me, and even with the checkers I felt moved to check it in the dictionary before entry
36a What helps reach peak mine working (5)
PITON PIT (mine) + ON (working)
38a Noted author lacked richness somehow (7,7)
40a Photographic image for example held by son (8)
NEGATIVE EG (for example) inside (held by) NATIVE (son)
42a Explanation of treachery when abducting leader (6)
REASON — tREASON (treachery) when taking away the first letter (when abducting leader)
43a Determined what puzzles like this often are not? (8)
RESOLVED — Once these puzzles are solved, they are rarely RESOLVED
44a Take away empty drainage pipe (6)
DEDUCT DrainagE without the inner letters (empty …) + DUCT (pipe)
47a Money perhaps for crude trollop — dear, unfortunately (11)
PETRODOLLAR TROLLOPDEAR anagrammed (unfortunately)
50a Bombing raid round British ocean damaged navigation aid (5,6)
RADIO BEACON — An anagram of (bombing) RAID + O (round) + B (British) + an anagram of (… damaged) OCEAN
52a Routine opera illuminated by unknown (9)
NORMALITY NORMA (opera) + LIT (illuminated) + Y (unknown)
53a Move casually, catching Liberal conspirator (7)
PLOTTER POTTER (move casually) around (catching) L (Liberal)
54a Earlier head of house (5)
PRIOR — Another double definition
55a Plant is in my control (7)
MASTERY ASTER (plant) is in MY
56a Hangs around birds with a becoming uniform (5)
LURKS L[a]RKS (birds) with A becoming U (uniform)
57a Fool, upper-class, new in career shows certainty (9)
ASSURANCE ASS (fool) + U (upper-class) + N (new) in RACE (career)
1d What could be fast protecting king? Earthworks (5)
DYKES DYES (what could be fast) surrounding (protecting) K (king)
2d Researcher’s goal is revolutionary mode of transport (9,8)
3d Where to go after dinner to entice home stable boy (7,4)
DRAWING ROOM DRAW (to entice) + IN (home) + GROOM (stable boy)
4d Answer excellent for an American also (2,4)
AS WELL A (answer) + SWELL (excellent for an American).  I had an embarrassing amount of mental blockage for this one, albeit as part of a troublesome trio so I was lacking checkers
5d European hope, mostly about new language (8)
ETRUSCAN E (European) + TRUSt (hope) without the last letter (mostly) + CA (about) + N (new).  The second of that troublesome trio.  (The other was WARLORD at 14a, just in case you’re curious)
6d Rambling stories of old men (4,8)
FOOT SOLDIERS — An anagram of (rambling) STORIES OF OLDRefreshing to see the men somewhere other than their chestnutty position as wordplay components for OR
7d One taking over part of down train (10)
8d Fine golf gadget (5)
THING THIN (fine) + G (golf)
9d Fool to overlook what diversion does if never taken all the way (9)
IGNORAMUS IGNORe (to overlook) + AMUSe (what diversion does), where neither includes the last letter (if never taken all the way)
10d Channel 50 delivered good service with no licence? (6-5)
STRAIT-LACED STRAIT (channel) + L (50) + ACED (delivered good service)
11d Saintism regularly has a feminine side (5)
ANIMA — Alternate letters of (… regularly) sAiNtIsM + A
12d Non-professionals can be idle people, not unknown (6)
LAYMEN LA[z]Y MEN (idle people) without Z (not unknown)
18d Have many branches of food shops around Quebec with this from France (10)
DELIQUESCE DELIS (food shops) around QUE (Quebec) + CE (this from France).  I think this may have been the first I looked up in the dictionary right away because I couldn’t wait to find out whether or not I had constructed a real word
20d Declare in favour of state (8)
PROCLAIM PRO (in favour of) + CLAIM (state)
22d Complex ways of combining pasta, initially just with oil (9,8)
SPAGHETTI JUNCTION SPAGHETTI (pasta) + the first letter of (initially) Just + UNCTION (oil)
23d Teach — and where to do it (6)
INFORM IN FORM (where to do it [teach])
24d Object to including mere divorce case defendant (10)
RESPONDENT RESENT (object to) containing (including) POND (mere)
27d Marches right on in fine row (8)
FRONTIER R (right) and ON in F (fine) and TIER (row)
31d Young boy‘s quiet state (6)
SHAVER SH (quiet) + AVER (state)
32d Shameful supporting vice admiral’s bragging (12)
VAINGLORIOUS INGLORIOUS (shameful) under (supporting, in a down entry) VA (vice admiral)
34d Store into which oldest cargo could be moved? (4,7)
COLD STORAGE — This can be anagrammed to make (into which … could be moved) OLDEST CARGO. The store/storage is a bit jarring
36d Bit player in speech, one acting with good force? (11)
PEACEKEEPER — A homophone of (… in speech) PIECE (bit) and KEEPER (player)
37d Building ark fashioned with cypress (10)
SKYSCRAPER ARK is anagrammed (fashioned) together with CYPRESS
39d Chosen junior in later stages will get it years later? (9)
SENIORITY — The second halves of (… in later stages) choSEN junIOR + IT + Y (years)
41d Feud with old soldier about issue with volunteers (8)
VENDETTA VET (old soldier) around (about) END (issue) + TA (volunteers)
45d English horse, male. Black Beauty perhaps? (6)
EPONYM E (English) + PONY (horse) + M (male)
46d Sees benches in quadrangles (6)
COURTS — A triple definition
48d Names, regular features of the Proms, succeeded (5)
TERMS — Alternate letters of (regular features of) ThE pRoMs + S (succeeded)
49d Forged alloy providing firm support (5)
LOYAL — An anagram of (forged) ALLOY
51d Steel used to form some inner vessel (5)
NERVE — The answer is part of (used to form some) inNER VEssel

7 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo 1570 – 12 August 2022. Foolish pursuits”

  1. I had “def?” in the margin by 18d, but I see that Collins (but not ODE) has the branching meaning as one definition for DELIQUESCE; new to me. And I had a ! next to 34d, because of the store/storage. I didn’t realize that SWELL was an Americanism, but it doesn’t surprise me. Liked 7d UNDERSTUDY and 10d STRAIT-LACED.

  2. I had some queries whilst solving, all resolved after the event except issue = END in 41dn. Am I missing something obvious?

    1. Not obvious, but eg ODE has sv ‘issue’: 4) a result or outcome of something;
      and gives as examples
      The chance of carrying such a scheme to a successful issue was small.
      The successful issue of the great battle ….

  3. Just under an hour and a half. Mostly fine, although some of the teeth were more irritating than impressive. I knew DELIQUESCE as a word, just not with the required meaning. End = issue still jars. At 43ac, I am sure you’re right with “not re-solved”. But as “not resolved” it would mean not completed – wordplay that works in my case. I liked CLOSED SHOP and DEDUCT (the empty drainage pipe)

    1. Yes, resolved as a double definition would work – I hadn’t thought of that. I agree with you that re-solved is probably the setter’s intention, just because that feels a bit more cryptic.

  4. The issue of the issue

    I admit I just checked the dictionary, assumed there must be a context where the equivalence works, and moved on.

    Chambers has for issue (noun, definition 13) “ultimate result, outcome” but the examples Kevin quotes from ODE (thank you!) sound distinctly odd – and old – to my ears. Maybe it’s time that definition 13 was marked obsolete.

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