Times Cryptic Jumbo 1560 – 4 June 2022. I predict a … melting igloo

Hi everyone.  I didn’t record a time for this as it was a very leisurely solve on holiday, but it felt gentle.  Lots to like though and, going through it again for the blog, I was impressed by the high quality.  Thanks setter!

I enjoyed the three times in 17a (ITERATIVE) and feel like I should mention the nifty anagram work on display, for example the METEOROLOGIST at 53a (which feels particularly apt as I write this while melting, eagerly awaiting the end of the latest heatwave).  There are plenty more clues worthy of mention too.

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, explicit [deletions] are in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.  For clarity, I omit most link words and some juxtaposition indicators.

1a Composer neglecting king’s brass in Paris once (5)
FRANC FRANC[k] (composer) without (neglecting) K (king)
4a Understanding company with mass potential (10)
COMPROMISE CO (company) with M (mass) and PROMISE (potential)
9a Keep confined in vessel (6)
KETTLE — Two definitions
14a Cry for Tom to serve food with Manuel intermittently missing (9)
CATERWAUL CATER (to serve food) + W (with) + mAnUeL without alternate letters (intermittently missing)
15a Foul quality of new lace and linen woven by society in United States (13)
UNCLEANLINESS N (new), LACE and LINEN anagrammed (woven) by S (society), all in US (Unites States)
16a What can be cut from cultivar, but usually a shrub or tree (7)
ARBUTUS — The answer can be taken from (cut from) cultivAR, BUT USually
17a Repeating — that is about three times … four? (9)
ITERATIVE IE (that is) around (about) T; ERA; T (three times) and IV (four)
18a Tax — it’s included in article (5)
TITHE IT is included in THE (article)
19a Goon is holding a note about Liberal involved with ministers? (14)
ECCLESIASTICAL ECCLES (Goon, of The Goon Show) + IS around (holding) A + TI (note) + CA (about) + L (Liberal)
22a Open-handedneSS? That shows it (7)
LARGESS — There is a LARGE SS in the definition.  I have a feeling this clue may divide opinion
25a Novel taken up when new paper is introduced (10)
UNEXAMPLED UPLED (taken up) when N (new) and EXAM (paper) is included (introduced)
27a Like OS output to move round visual display (12)
CARTOGRAPHIC CART (to move) + O (round) + GRAPHIC (visual display)
30a Grouse is good and ready to eat (5)
GRIPE G (good) and RIPE (ready to eat)
31a Speaker needs input-output to make music work (8)
ORATORIO ORATOR (speaker) + IO (I/O: input output)
32a Below what one needs to get money for support (8)
UNDERPIN UNDER (below) + PIN (what one needs to get money)
35a What Allan holds to be versatile (3-5)
ALL-ROUND — What aLLAn holds is ALL in reverse (ROUND)
36a Climber‘s not wild about being in climbs without doctor present (8)
CLEMATIS TAME (not wild) backwards (about) goes in CLI[mb]S missing MB (without doctor present)
37a Guest at banquet possibly at home between duke and queen (5)
DINER IN (at home) between D (duke) and ER (queen)
39a Explode in game court after less deft playing (4-8)
SELF-DESTRUCT RU (game) and CT (court) after LESS DEFT anagrammed (playing)
41a Harmful action of pieces in a defect resolved (10)
DEFACEMENT MEN (pieces) in A DEFECT anagrammed (resolved)
43a Warrior needs one with a spirit as backing (7)
SAMURAI I (one) + A + RUM (spirit) + AS, all reversed (backing)
45a Is leaderless country following London say? London merits it (14)
CAPITALISATION IS and, without the first letter (leaderless), nATION following CAPITAL (London say)
48a A small bird, grey (5)
ASHEN A + S (small) + HEN (bird)
49a A large salmon with a lot of parasites — one often soused (9)
ALCOHOLIC A + L (large) + COHO (salmon) + all but the last letter of (a lot of) LICe (parasites)
51a In cold English November, rowers get into rough condition (7)
COARSEN In C (cold), E (English) and N (November), is OARS (rowers)
53a One predicting conditions melting remotest igloo (13)
METEOROLOGIST — An anagram of (melting) REMOTEST IGLOO
54a Save lines in altering positions for animation (9)
ALIVENESS SAVE LINES anagrammed (in altering positions)
55a Passable way down having missed beginning of steps (6)
DECENT DE[s]CENT (way down) without the first letter of (having missed beginning of) Steps
56a Fess in the middle made shorter, revolutionary on shield (10)
ESCUTCHEON — The central letters of (… in the middle) fESs + CUT (made shorter) + CHE (revolutionary) + ON
57a Clergyman avoiding parking offence (5)
ARSON — [p]ARSON (clergyman) without (avoiding) P (parking)
1d Female account regularly dismissed miracle beauty treatment (6)
FACIAL F (female) + AC (account) + mIrAcLe without alternate letters (regularly dismissed …)
2d I learn a cat bit indiscriminately, perhaps killing thrush (13)
ANTIBACTERIAL I LEARN A CAT BIT anagrammed (indiscriminately).  Among other things, thrush can be a bacterial infection affecting a horse’s foot
3d Weight of vehicle? Answer: tons (5)
CARAT CAR (vehicle) + A (answer) + T (tons)
4d Structure of church unaltered with saint buried inside (7)
CHASSIS CH (church) + AS IS (unaltered) containing S (with saint buried inside)
5d Having many parties involves pounds in damage really regularly (12)
MULTILATERAL L (pounds) in MUTILATE (damage) + alternate letters of (… regularly) ReAlLy
6d Oxford University character putting up head of Rugby for game (8)
ROULETTE OU (Oxford University) and LETTER (character), moving to the front (putting up) R, the first letter (head) of Rugby
7d Millions going on to city about here? (5)
MECCA M (millions) + EC (city) + CA (about)
8d LA City pies cooked as a signature dish? (10)
SPECIALITY LA CITY PIES anagrammed (cooked)
10d Source of charges to cause hostility with British leaving (7)
EMITTER EM[b]ITTER (to cause hostility) removing B (with British leaving)
11d The clue to 41 Across is so like last century? (9)
TWENTIETH — I admit I didn’t check until writing this, but I can confirm that by my count 41a Is the TWENTIETH clue
12d When Romeo exits, make certain to follow (5)
ENSUE — Without R (when Romeo exits), ENSU[r]E (make certain)
13d Who might develop elitist leaning? (14)
INTELLIGENTSIA — An anagram of (who might develop) ELITIST LEANING
20d Land, perhaps meadow auctioned without a form of enquiry? (9)
LEASEHOLD LEA (meadow) + SOLD (auctioned) around (without) EH (a form of enquiry)
21d Attraction all round is a seductive quality (8)
CHARISMA CHARM (attraction) surrounding (all round) IS + A
23d Mo going with speed that’s mediocre (6-4)
24d Form of protection from what informer’s done with girls? (10)
SUNGLASSES SUNG (what informer’s done) + LASSES (girls)
26d One who foresees rotating crops ingeniously around a circle (14)
PROGNOSTICATOR — An anagram of (… ingeniously) ROTATING CROPS around O (a circle)
28d Change, switching from Circle to terminus in a very short time (9)
AMENDMENT — We are switching from O (circle) to END (terminus) in A M[o]MENT (a very short time)
29d Sheet size is deceptive with Excel (8)
FOOLSCAP FOOLS (is deceptive) + CAP (excel)
33d Sound response unfortunately shows lack of delicacy (13)
PONDEROUSNESS SOUND RESPONSE anagrammed (unfortunately)
34d Trapped by exorbitant contract, church mounted competition (12)
STEEPLECHASE — Inside (trapped by) STEEP (exorbitant) and LEASE (contract) is CH (church)
38d Devout about RE, children of clerics initially matured early (10)
PRECOCIOUS PI (devout) around (about) the first letters of (… initially) Children Of Clerics
40d Sluggish, large and unknown MP with Derby, say, in charge (9)
LYMPHATIC L (large) + Y (unknown) + MP + HAT (Derby, say) + IC (in charge)
42d Fit shelves oddly missing in loft (8)
ATHLETIC — Without odd letters (… oddly missing), sHeLvEs in ATTIC (loft)
44d Knock has to administer county in Ireland (3,4)
RUN DOWN RUN (to administer) + DOWN (county in Ireland)
46d What draws in diagram of internal structure using uranium for energy (7)
SUCTION S[e]CTION (diagram of internal structure) with U replacing E (using uranium for energy)
47d United Nations works for agreement (6)
UNISON UN (United Nations) + IS ON (works)
48d Hotel eliminated, damaged with guns (5)
ARMED — Without H (Hotel eliminated), [h]ARMED (damaged)
50d Poem greeting sound of dove as it is heard (5)
HAIKU HI; COO (greeting; sound of dove), sound-alike (as heard)
52d Neighbourhood around northern sports venue (5)
ARENA AREA (neighbourhood) around N (northern)

6 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo 1560 – 4 June 2022. I predict a … melting igloo”

  1. Got everything after a little over hour and a quarter. Probably admired ITERATIVE most.
    Didn’t know LYMPHATIC as sluggish and have trouble with LARGESS- large ess or large esses? I guess large ss is equivalent to large esses. Oh I see that’s what you have in blog! Thanks for rest of your detailed blog too- most helpful.

  2. There were a couple of clues I couldn’t parse: ALL-ROUND, UNEXAMPLED. With the latter, I can see why not: ‘uplead’ is not a word in my English. The only Goon I knew was Peter Sellers, although ECCLES did look vaguely familiar. I was ready to protest that thrush is fungal not bacterial, but Kitty kindly kept the egg from my face. For what it’s worth, I had no problem with LARGESS, although I would have spelled it with an E. I liked AMENDMENT & STEEPLECHASE.

  3. I had no queries remaining on this one which I think for the most part I found straightforward. My only hitch along the way was having BOTTLE at 9ac (it works just about) which prevented my solving 10dn for a long time

  4. Just over an hour and twenty minutes, so not bad, but with one pink square for putting four S’s at the end of SUNGLASSSS. So, a success since, in my book, one pink square is perfectly OK in a Jumbo (as I seem to say quite often). LOI 25ac UNEXAMPLED which went in once I saw N(ew) EXAM without anything else. UPLED? I liked the sneaky ones: 22ac LARGESS and 35ac ALL ROUND

  5. A relatively quick solve in 35 minutes, but once I’d put in MULTICAMERAL with a slight hesitation as it doesn’t really mean many parties, I omitted to parse it (impossible) and get the right answer.
    I liked the CAPITALISATION clue most.

  6. Just over 1/2 hour for me, so at the easier end of the spectrum, although I was held up by UNEXAMPLED and CARTOGRAPHIC at the end. I quite enjoyed LARGESS (despite the lack of final E). I liked ITERATIVE , ATHLETIC and the melting igloo best. Thanks Kitty and setter.

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