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Posted on Pete’s behalf, as he’s having trouble logging in today…

If you’re intending to attend the Championships as a spectator, and you have not already been named as the person accompanying a contestant, you need to be on a list of attendees so that you can get into the building. If you just turn up on spec, you will NOT get in.

There is limited space for spectators at the preliminary sessions, and more space (as there are 24 contestants instead of 120) at the Grand Final.

If you would like to attend as a spectator, send a message with the spectator name(s) to puzzle.feedback@sunday-times.co.uk with “Times Championship” in the subject line. I will pass a list of names and e-mail addresses to the organiser (David Levy), and he will e-mail you when your name has been added to the list of attendees.

Please don’t turn up until you have heard from David that you’re on the list. And please note that as I don’t work on Fridays, you should aim to e-mail by the end of Wednesday 19 October so that I can pass on one list of people early on Thursday.

Location: 3 Thomas More Square, London E1W 1WY

Peter Biddlecombe
Sunday Times Puzzles Editor

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  1. Thanks Andy. Instant timetable in case anyone needs it:

    The three solving sessions last one hour each and are at:
    11 am – Prelim 1
    1 pm – Prelim 2
    3 pm – Grand Final

    The prize-giving after the final is normally completed by 4:30.

    And don’t forget that some tube lines are closed next weekend – check the Transport for London website for the details.

  2. I sent a message directly to <davidlevylondon@yahoo.com> (the e-mail address on the “Information for contestants” sheets) earlier today saying that my wife would be accompanying me (though I didn’t say what instrument she’d be playing), and received an immediate acknowledgement.

    I assume that route is still open for those who wish to cut out the middleman!?

    1. I’m sure it is – I guess David was less willing to have his e-mail address on a web page where spammers might find it than to include it in printed material.
      1. I don’t think that can be the reason, Peter. If you google “davidlevylondon”, you’ll find that his e-mail address is already available on a fair number of web pages.

        I expect I’m not the only person who’s delighted to see that you appear to be getting involved in the organisational side of the Championship. And with that in mind, I wonder if it’s too late to pursue a suggestion I’ve made in the past, which is that name badges should be provided for contestants. I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult, or cost too much, for them to be printed in advance ready for us to pick up when we arrive; but, failing that, a DIY solution consisting of a supply of blank badges and some marker pens would be better than nothing. I can recognise quite a lot of the old hands, but I’d like to be able to identify some of the young up-and-coming solvers whose faces are half-familiar but whose names are unknown.

        1. I’ve passed on your suggestion. My organisational involvement is small at present, and my main form of assistance was to test-solve the qualifiers and all 9 puzzles for tomorrow. I’m saying nothing more about them, and the puzzles have been sitting in an unopened file at home since the last communications about them, so I’ve forgotten nearly all the content.

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