Times Championship Grand Final – Puzzle 3

I’m fairly sure this was the quickest of the three puzzles for me. The two sets of three double defs in a row are an interesting little twist, though I doubt anyone noticed on the day as we all seem to hop around the grid wherever we have new checking letters.

Solving time (estimate!): 9-10 mins on the day

1 GENDAR=danger*,M(in)E
5 RHODES – move the R in hordes
9 (b)OAR / (s)OAR – double wordplay to keep us on our toes
10 CAKE=bar (as in soap),SANDAL=one going on foot,E=ecstasy
12 CHAR(DONNA)Y – she’s back again – see 24D in No. 1
13 B,OUT = sent back to the pavilion – one of the two clues that spoiled Helen Ougham’s chances, apparently.
15 BARN,UM = “I’m not sure”
16 H(O.E.D.)OWN
18 CAR(a)CAS,S
20 (j)UN(R.I.P.)E
23 SO U.K. = “very British”
24 HANKY,PAN = hammer = criticise,K(itt)Y
26 OVER THE HILL – 2 defs
27 COB – 2 defs
28 SQUARE – 2 defs (again!)
29 EGGS,HELL = a finish – when eggshell = paint, I think
2 N.(IR.,VAN)A.
3 ACCIDENTAL – 2 defs, one musical – “flat, perhaps”
4 MAKE NO MISTAKE – 2 defs – a bit of irony, I think
6 H ONE – 2 defs – H1 is one of the squares on a chessboard occupied by a castle = rook at the beginning of the game. Where’s the Colonel?
7 DIA=aid rev.,BO(L)O – an old-fashioned toy roughly similar to a top.
8 S(WEE)TING – pretty difficult, probably my last answer in this puzzle
11 S(WASH,BUCK)LING – also pretty hard.
14 NECROPOLIS = (corpse lion)* – harder than it should have been for me
17 SCISSORS – 2 defs
21 RO(U)LE,AU – a cylindrical pile of coins – just done from the wordplay on the day – only checked the def. just now, 20 days later.
22 CYMBAL=”symbol” – a contender for easiest clue in the final, I think.
25 STAR = rats rev.

2 comments on “Times Championship Grand Final – Puzzle 3”

  1. I wasted a lot of time since I filled in “collateral” for 3D immediately (a kind of damage, and “flat, perhaps” as collateral for a loan). Eventually, when I got chardonnay I discovered the error of my ways and thought of the right kind of flat.


  2. This comment probably won’t be read, coming so long after the event, but, still, I had to smile at your appraisal of 22. It caused me no end of trouble. I was thinking of “Talk about logo” as wordplay indicating one word wrapping another. Doh! Not having played chess for years, 6 also delayed me a long time, especially as I was thinking of “polish” as a noun.

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