Times Championship Grand Final – Puzzle 2

This was probably the toughest of the three puzzles, though because I didn’t make the same kind of slip as in the first, I think I solved it a couple of minutes quicker.

Solving time (estimate!): 12-13 mins on the day

1 AD,MI(RAB=bar rev.)LE – it took some checking letters to get save=>but out of my head.
6 S.A.,VER = Rev. rev.
9 ALL-IN – 2 defs
10 FOLKLORIC = (rock folli(es))* – a good find by the setter
11 HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE – refers to the Cat and Fiddle nursery rhyme: Hey diddle diddle / the cat and the fiddle / The cow jumped over the moon / The little dog laughed to see such sport / And the dish ran away with the spoon. – I remembered the cow, but not the dog.
13 S(HOP)TALK – “firm jaw” was a fiendish def.
14 DRY SKI – brilliant surface, as the course used for the TT races on the IoM is the “Mountain Course”. Like some others, I first plumped for DRY RUN
16 UNDEAD = (and due)*
18 BLESS YOU – nicely hidden in “jobless youth”
21 THE ADDAMS FAMILY = (a lad my ham-fisted turns)* – solved from spotting THE and then FAMILY from checkers
23 ITCHY PALM = lymphatic*
25 I’D LED
26 GIRT=trig. rev.,H
27 GUN BARREL – super cryptic def. with “round” = bullet.
1 A WAS H – letter swap to get from Joan to John
2 MOLLYCODDLE – Spoonerism (Collie model)
3 RUN,RIOT – simple but well-crafted clue
4 BEFUDDLE = (Bude fled)*
5 EILEEN = “I lean” – a tender being one who tends = leans
6 S(OLDIE)R – abother SBWCC
7 V.(A)R. – probably the first Fr. department for solvers to learn
8 RICH,E.(LIE)U. – I don’t know whether having the surname of former championship organiser Mike Rich in the wordplay was just a coincidence.
12 DUST,YM=my rev.,ILLER=suffering even more. It’s a plant which has some kind of white dusty stuff on its flowers and leaves. I think I’d just about heard of it, so I was glad to tick off ‘obscure plants’ on my mental list of solving hazards.
13 S(CUT)T.,LING(o) – “Downing St.” is a classic “lift and separate”
17 ALDWYCH = “Auld Witch”.
19 STAMINA = animat(e)s rev.
20 PARA,N.G. – a tricky word that could have caused trouble had I not understood “man who’s dropped”
22 YODEL = le(do)y rev.
24 COR! = Cor. = Corinthians

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  1. This was the one that did for me. With two out of three puzzles complete I was left with just 13ac and 3dn in this one. Though SHOP TALK was extremely tough, 3dn wasn’t – but all I could see from R_N _I__ was ‘run wild’. Eight agonising minutes later I made the step from ‘scream’ to RIOT but by then it was too late.
    1. Well if it’s any comfort, you’ve jumped from “future finalist” to “very serious contender” in just one year – I was optimistically expecting it to take you three or four…

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