Times Championship 2007

Not long to go before the big day in Cheltenham on Sunday 7 October. Last year we had five of our regular bloggers and commenters among the 24 competitors in the Grand Final. I hope we can at least match that and then make fewer mistakes than last year. I’ve updated my championship web page with a few reminders for competitors.

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    1. Results for the final as announced on the day are in my report on the old single-handed version of this blog. But unless beer did strange things to my memory, I’m pretty sure Jason James told me at a pub gathering that he made one mistake, and should have been placed about fifteenth rather than fifth.

      You can also still read the Times report on their website. The picture of Helen Ougham is distorted in rather unflattering way as someone at the Times needs a lesson on aspect ratios. And strangely, you can still follow links to the solutions for the final puzzles, but not the puzzles themselves.

  1. Many thanks for this info. And thanks for the blog, which is really a godsend.

    Steve Williams

  2. I’ve decided to make a weekend of it this year, so I’ve booked a hotel just round the corner from the University for Saturday and Sunday nights. Anyone else going to be around on the Saturday who’s interested in meeting up for a drink?

    I’m sure a few of us will also meet up in a pub somewhere after the final too. Thirsty work, crossword-solving!

    1. As a Cheltenham resident I was planning to invite folk to the Kemble pub, as last year, for both Saturday and Sunday nights.
      Watch out for a posting on Crossword Centre message board for further details.

      Richard Rogan

      1. I was trying to remember the pub we visited briefly after the finals last year (“we” being the the “cream of male British crossword solvers” as the Times had it, who had made different daft mistakes and therefore weren’t required at the prize-giving ceremony with the great and good like Sebastian Faulks.)

        Research on beerintheevening.com and Google maps suggests it was the Jolly Brewmaster, Painswick Road.

        Here it is on Google maps – green arrow should be the pub, the Elwes building (champs venue) is at bottom left by the white “(C) 2007 Google”. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=jolly+brewmaster+painswick+road+cheltenham&sll=51.890034,-2.08236&sspn=0.001682,0.004817&ie=UTF8&ll=51.888816,-2.084988&spn=0.003364,0.009634&t=h&z=17&om=1

        1. Yes, the Jolly Brewmaster is a good idea also, for pre, during and post match debate. Especially for those who can’t hang around until the Sunday evening piss-up in the Kemble!


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