Times 24000 (belatedly) – from Aug 23

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Firstly, apologies for not doing this last week, particularly as it’s something of a milestone that only comes round once every three years or so. Shame they didn’t do something with it – I was expecting a Nina at least, but if it’s there I can’t see it! No solving time, as I spent three days mulling over 26A before finally hitting on the answer. I doubt if I was the only one who struggled with that clue though.

1 ON THE STUMP – double def. I wasn’t familiar with the phrase, but Chambers gives it as “engaged in a political campaign”, so surely the clue should say “before vote”?
6 WASP – another double def, the first is an acronym for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.
9 OTELLO – O TELL + O, the opera was by Rossini (1816) or Verdi (1887).
10 ELLA – E + ALL rev. Not sure if I approve of “Miss” to indicate a girl’s name though.
11 ROOT GINGER – (got in)* inside ROGER (= I understand in radio comms). Great clue.
12 DODGE CITY – D (last letter of recalled) inside DOGE CITY.
19 SMALL-TIME – SM (Sergeant Major), then LT inside A LIME. Definition is just “petty”.
22 HISTRIONIC – RT rev. inside HIS + IONIC (which is an order of architecture).
23 ABET – first letters of Toast, Eggs, Benedict, Apple in reverse.
25 INTIFADA – hidden reversed in “hAD A FIT NIftily”. This was the Palestinian uprising to Israeli occupation which began in 1987.
26 FAZE – “phase”. This one certainly “threw” me too! I must have trawled through the alphabet a couple of times before I saw it.
27 FREE PARDON – nice cryptic definition.
2 TOGGLED – GG inside TO + LED (light-emitting diode).
3 SHAMROCK – SHAM ROCK, e.g. fake diamonds are called paste.
4 UNSPORTSMANLIKE – (sprinkles amount)*, an unlikely-looking anagram if ever I saw one!
5 PLOUGH – three definitions. To plough also means to fail an exam.
6 WEEKNIGHT – a minute sir is a WEE KNIGHT. Ho ho.
13 GET-AT-ABLE – TATE rev. inside GABLE.
15 EYESTRAIN – YES inside retina*
16 BLACKTOP – BLACK (threatening) + TO + P(ounce). American word for asphalt.
18 OKINAWA – O KIN AWA’ (no kin away in Scottish crosswordese!)
20 INBOARD – (Rob and I)*
21 PILAFF – L inside PIAF + F(ine). Edith Piaf was a famous French singer.

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  1. Thanks for the belated blog, linxit. And Happy Millennial to the Times puzzle.

    I can’t remember the solving experience, but I had written my solving time as 45 minutes. I gave several clues my maximum ‘three tick’ rating – ABET, INTIFADA (brilliantly twisted syntax), FREE PARDON and the deliciously excruciating OKINAWA.

    1ac – I think ‘after vote’ means ‘chasing votes’, so makes sense.

    I gave this an Anax QED rating of Q-0,E-9,D-8

    1. Thanks for your explanation of 1A, which I hadn’t twigged (I made the same assumption as linxit).

      26:28 for me, so at least I kept under half an hour (the old championship limit), but I might have been starting to panic in competition conditions! (Though looking at it again now, it doesn’t really seem all that difficult, so perhaps I was just having an off day.) All in all, a very enjoyable puzzle.

  2. I don’t think this is a CD, rather a very good and clever &lit.: it looks to me as if it’s pardon (= what) following f(r)ee.

    Have only just attempted this one. It was worth waiting for.

  3. Found this yesterday half done and folded up in a book. Just completed it eight years later. Delighted to find the explanations still waiting for me on the blog!

  4. SWAMP – short word and many possibilities that is. FAZE at 28a did for me as these darned 4 letter double definitions (this one with a homophone as well) often do. FAZE = PHASE = STAGE. Humph.

    There are 4 omissions from the blog:

    8a With advantage, means to bring side on (8)
    EDGE WAYS. I did toy with EDGEWISE for a bit but SHIMROCK must be a rock-climbing technique rather than an Irish emblem?

    14a A paying audience for rock with bands (5)
    A GATE. A bit of geology – hurrah.

    17a Barking like a Dalmatian (5)

    24a Letter from Greek essayist and lawyer (6)
    LAMB D.A.

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