Three books for a tenner

If you act quickly, there’s an offer worth taking up in at least some branches of W H Smith & Son. Books 10, 11 and 12 of the current Times crossword series published by Times Books are on offer as a bundle for £9.97 – £8 less than the usual price. Each contains 80 puzzles from the fairly recent past – I think book 12 covers puzzles from about 4 years ago. If you’re in the Times club, these puzzles are probably all there for free in the archive, but having them in book form is handy for practice on the train.

I believe about 50% of the Times puzzles eventually make it into these books. I don’t know whether Smiths have an online bookshop with the same offer – they just might.

2 comments on “Three books for a tenner”

  1. My local Waterstones are currently selling Times puzzle books at ‘two for the price of one’ – last week I picked up Books 11 and 12 for £5.99.
    (As well as crosswords, the offer also includes such things as sudoku and kenken.)

    A quick look at the Waterstones website suggests that they are currently selling them ever so slightly cheaper than half price – also free delivery to a local store or on orders over £15.

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