The evening natter … hopefully

The LIVE CHAT thing will happen again this evening. The room can of course be accessed whenever you like, but I reckon I’ll probably drop by around 7 to 7.30pm – see who’s kicking around.

With today’s blog not available as yet, perhaps the chat will be joined by those who would usually contribute to the blog earlier in the day? Do I sound desperate?

Don’t know if it’s just me, but today’s puzzle seems much tougher than others of late…

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  1. Yes, where’s the blog when you need it? 😉 20ac / 23ac /26ac / 19d have still got me stumped, 50 minutes in, and I’ve run out of time…
      1. Glancing into my newspaper to find that… 21d is also blank… Doh! Make that 5 answers still blank!
        1. Okay then. 23 is PASSEPARTOUT, I think, and 26 is SHOE TREE. I have ENTREES at 19. Now for the two that really have me stumped. I think 20 may be ALBERTAN my theory being that Albertin is the female version of ALBERT with the I (1) changed to A. At 21 I still have no idea.
          1. I’d just got 23ac. 19d I’d just pencilled in as COURSES (as in a direction, and part of a meal)… Thanks for 26!
            1. I think your COURSES may be right. Makes more sense than ENTREES. I’m now working on 21 perhaps being EMPIRE but I’m not quite there yet.
                1. I’ve been searching for cannabis alternatives on and off all morning and this is one I have never met before. What’s it’s origin?
                  1. I’ve only just realised this alternative blog is here -explains references in the main blog I didn’t understand.

                    One of the spin-offs of fostering is that one receives extensive training in “recreational” drugs. There are about 25 different names for cannabis, Jack of which the most likely to occur in a daily crossword are: blow, dope, ganja, grass, greens, hash, hemp, joint, leaf, marijuana, pot, puff, reefer, skunk, spliff, tea, toke, wacky-baccy and weed. It’s an evolving field because the kids are always dreaming up new names to fool everybody (a bit like the original purpose of rhyming slang)

            2. I just solved 20, it’s ANGELENO. Thanks for the tip on COURSES, it got me out of the hole I’ve been in all day.
  2. I couldn’t get into the chatroom last time I tried. Having signed up it then told me my user name was banned.

    Of today’s puzzle there’s one in the SW corner that’s beaten me and one that crosses it is a bit dodgy too. The top half was fine.

    1. Username banned? I didn’t even know that was possible! I’ve just done a cursory login with no problems.

      As for the puzzle, 4 of the SW answers have me stumped. So far I’m up to 45 minutes!

  3. Like everybody else, whizzed through the top only to get hung up at the bottom. 30 minutes but didn’t get angeleno (guessed at athenean) and had empire without knowing why – pretty crappy clue I reckon.

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