Sunday Times 4356…

…will not be blogged tomorrow, as it seems to be unavailable from the online Times Crossword Club. Perhaps this is because there wasn’t a crossword last Sunday? If there was, please feel free to comment.

5 comments on “Sunday Times 4356…”

  1. I believe they printed a jumbo instead – I think this is available from the Times club site. Unfortunately, putting a message in the appropriate place is too hard for the poor dears.
  2. I’ve just discovered that I can get into the crossword club site if I tell it I’ve forgotten my password. Then when it sends me a Password Reset email, I reset the password (without changing it – the original one seems to work every time) and when I click Continue after that, it takes me into the club page listing all the crosswords to choose from.

    If I exit the club site, then I can’t get back – other than by resetting the password. It’s long-winded, but so far it has worked three times in a row.

    So may work for somebody else.

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