ST 4244 (Sun 29 Sep) – Salubritas et Eruditio

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Solving time: 6:51

Very quick blog for this, as I’m sure noone is remotely interested given today’s main event. 20dn is terrible, the rest fairly standard.

Rather uncharitably I hope that Alonso and Raikkonen crash out early on this morning, as if I have to wait until the chequered flag to find out whether Lewis Hamilton is world champion I’ll be cutting it fine to make my Cheltenham preliminary at 11am… best of luck to all competing, I look forward to reading your tales of woe later tonight (and giving mine).

Music (26dn, and appropriately for today’s competition): Macavity: The Mystery Cat from Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

1 I + VAN
11 URALS; hidden in ‘tour also’ (TOUR is 30ac)
17 BAVARIA; AVA in (A RIB)* – I’ve never met an Ava. How long before ‘girl’ can indicate ‘Apple’, ‘Rocco’ or ‘Fifi Trixabelle’?
19 NUT TREE – refers to this nursery rhyme.
27 CH + ADO – chado (see here) looked more likely than ‘ceado’, and so it proved.
28 WHITE + BAIT – such unimaginate treatment, where wordplay just consists of indicators to the component parts, is a regular feature of the Sunday Times puzzle; cf 10ac, 22ac, 4dn, 14dn, 21dn.
29 SOLIDARITY; (IS ADROITLY)* – demonstrated in abundance by England and France yesterday, in what was without doubt the best day’s rugby I’ve ever seen.
30 TO (= ‘heading for’) + UR

2 ARECA; A + rev. of ACER – luckily I knew ‘maple’ = ACER or I might have struggled with this.
5 EWE LAMB; rev. of MALE in (WEB)*
7 ARAUCARIA (cryptic definition) – a tree also known as the monkey puzzle. This was my last entry, which is a bit embarrassing as Araucaria must be one of the most famous crossword pseudonyms.
8 ESSE (palindrome) – what are the words ‘still in’ doing here?
18 VERIFIED; (DRIVE E[ast] IF)* – this is one of a number of anagrams I’ve noticed I’ve struggled with in the last week or so where one of the middle words needs to be abbreviated; something to remember if (when) I get stuck later on today. Along with checking for obvious missed hidden answers, anagrams etc…
20 E + MP + O(WE)R – an awful clue (‘gold we receive’ for WE in OR?), which is only slightly better if ‘receive’ should say ‘received’, as ‘from’ can’t sensibly mean ‘placed after’.
25 OT + AGO – no idea where in New Zealand this is but it must have a river because I have a technical training top of theirs courtesy of a kit swap after a rowing regatta a couple of years ago.
26 ACTS – nearly wrote in CATS here at first. The second reminder for me this weekend (after ‘stroke of genius’ in last Saturday’s Guardian prize puzzle) of the Cats-themed Listener last year (Stroke Horizontally by Henry).

One comment on “ST 4244 (Sun 29 Sep) – Salubritas et Eruditio”

  1. I had a bit of a botanical mix-up confusing the Cuckoopint with the Catmint to get Catpint. I thought it was a bit odd to clue pint as a huge amount!

    Half the puzzle did not get into the blog – including all the unimaginitive ones mentioned by O Senhor Talbinho at 28a.Here they are if anyone is wondering:

    3a (Pierce safe)*, somehow, to rescue apparatus (4,6)

    10a Article on window-fitting in art gallery (3,6)

    12a A great many things to be carried (5)

    15a Bad (scare)* over Lord Lieutenant’s orders to withdraw (7)

    22a Combination of two drugs cause of his eccentric behaviour? (8)

    24a Girl growing flowers (5)
    FLORA. Not sure how the “growing” works? As such tempted to put in FIONA instead as a protest.

    1d At home, (rattle on)* about the illineral (10)
    IN TOLERANT. Can’t bear intolerance!

    4d Speculates it’s the latest underwear (7)

    6d Fit to do the plumbing? (5)

    9d Diplomatic with (our clans)* abroad (8)

    14d It’s a job to get the better of a hard boss (10)

    21d Whip a huge amount from the plant (7)
    CAT MINT. Not CAT PINT silly.

    23d Dead bird lying ahead of mob (5)
    CROW D

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