Speeding things up …

I’ve noticed fairly slow display of the default view of the blog in the last few weeks. I’ve therefore reduced the number of entries displayed on each “page” from 20 to 10. If you notice an improvement (or if you didn’t think there was a problem in the first place), let me know in a comment.

3 comments on “Speeding things up …”

  1. I subscribe to the rss feed using my browser (Firefox, but IE7 does the same thing), which means I never need to go to the default view. This speeds things up for me. If anyone’s interested and doesn’t know how to do this, click the funny orange RSS icon and follow the instructions.
    1. Funny you should mention IE7 – I installed it today. Nice to see some features I’ve enjoyed in Opera on another machine for quite a while. These include a Zoom percentage, which can get round the lack of “font-size responsiveness” on some sites (including LJ blogs in the format we’re currently using).

      My problem with feeds is that they don’t yet do the whole job – if you want to see comments, you lurch back from the rather plain format of the feed to whatever formatting options the blogger chose. And some information, like author, which is nice to know for this kind of blog, just gets left out. Ditto all those different pictures people are using to help identify posts.

      1. I only use the feed to provide me with headlines. They show in a nice drop-down thingie (because I’m using Firefox live bookmarks), and I get the whole article, comments, funky pictures and all, when I click the headline. I found that when I subscribed to the rss feed via a mail client, I had the same problems you describe.

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