Quick Cryptic No 406 by Orpheus

Huge problems today – Livejournal is not saving drafts and the iPad isn’t allowing me to place letters or identify text to copy. This all after I blogged the wrong crossword and had HTML errors which took hours to sort out.
On top of all this I’m late to start a 5 hour drive so will not be able to answer questions for a while – and I do expect some given the effort below – created in email and copied in – I hope it helps.

As usual our happy band of volunteers will (I expect) be on hand to provide extra information.

Good luck!

DD=double definition.

1. DD.
5. Fish- C inside SAD.
8. Light, Fingered.
10. (S)ense, NIFF
11. DD – calculate and measure=bar in music with repeating regular beats.
12. Fume=SEE, THE.
13. River = ERSE inside MY.
16. Give authority = E, MP, OWER.
18. Expression = first letters of in Douglas Isle of Man.
20. Fly= DADDY, LEG (side in cricket) inside LONGS.
21. Register = ROLL as in roll call – drum roll.
22. One giving away a secret= TRAY inside BEER.

1. Stories in reginmenTAL EStablishement.
2. DD.
3. DD.
4. Riddle= anagram (resolved) off IN GAME.
6. Greek island = CO, anagram (distributed) of FUR.
7. Tottering= ODDER inside outside letters of DerbY.
9. Churchyard worker= G, RAVE, DIGGER.
12. Slim= gir(L) inside SENDER.
14. Tremulous= bos(S), HI, VERY.
15. Small wood= (O)bserved inside GROVE.
17. Part of bike= Homophone of peddle.
19. Skinflint = misery without the y

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  1. Sorry you had such trouble blogging and good luck with the drive Chris. Your answers all look good. Another easy one today, but neat, I thought. 9d my favourite.
  2. I don’t understand the relevance of “in America” in 11 ac. Ok the letters USA appear reversed in the answer MEASURE, but that seems a bit vague.
    1. In America they use Measure as the equivalent of our Bar in the musical stave – as I’ve just discovered.


  3. Taking a short seaside break gave me the opportunity to try this if a morning instead of the evening. Either that or the unseasonally good weather and Whitby air allowed me a good time to complete this…or it was more easy than usual! Sorry that Chris was struggling with the technology today, but helpful blog. Agree that 11a ‘in America’ a bit vague and can’t reliably shed light on it – no doubt others more confident and more competent will be able to help out. Haven’t we seen 2d and 4d recently?
  4. I finished this one as well – two in a row, but more difficult than yesterday. Apart from 11A there were a few obscure ones such as ‘Erse’ and ‘scad’ and I don’t think ‘SAD’ is equivalent to ‘unhappy environment’.
    The best bit of deception was 4D – I spent ages trying to turn ‘riddle’ into a game before I realised it was the other way round.


    Edited at 2015-09-29 11:11 am (UTC)

    1. I think “environment” is part of the clue meaning to enclose – i.e. “C” in the environment of “unhappy”.
  5. 7 minutes, although SCAD was completely unknown to me after years of solving. But its clue was redeemed by its wordplay and its adhesion to the unwritten rule that a clue to an obscure word should have an alternative unambiguous route to its solution. Cf DEMIURGE in today’s 15×15.

    Edited at 2015-09-29 12:35 pm (UTC)

  6. About 30 minutes today, so quick for me; a bit tougher than yesterday.I made steady progress and was left with 1a. Despite years of accountancy I didn’t see 1a for a while; perhaps because I have never cooked pastry. David

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