Quick Cryptic No 316 by Hurley

Two long anagrams, an unusual instrument and a great clue at 20ac add interest and challenge. Congrats to Norwich City for their success yesterday (commiserations to Boro) – I don’t think I can blame the celebrations for all my slowness today.

A note to bloggers:
1. I couldn’t find today’s crossword in advance.
2. I will be away next week where wifi is extremely unlikely – could someone please cover for me?

Definitions underlined, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition, deletions CROSSED OUT

1 Troubled co-star shunning second player? (5)
&nbsp &nbspACTOR – Anagram (troubled) of COSTAR without the second (S).
4 Publicise drink additive? (6)
&nbsp &nbspSPLASH – dd. The first is (transitive) to print (a story or photograph) prominently in a newspaper, the second is the splash of soda in whisky – not enough of the former in too much of the latter caused some of my problems today.
9 Enemy of wood in school time, biter at heart? (7)
&nbsp &nbspTERMITE – School time (TERM), bITEr.
10 Time and volition to get fabric (5)
&nbsp &nbspTWILL – Time (T), volition (WILL).
11 Intimidate farm animal (3)
&nbsp &nbspCOW – dd.
12 One acting desultorily, Harry meeting Queen? (8)
&nbsp &nbspPOTTERER – Harry POTTER, ER. I may be one of these round the garden today.
15 Creed (Lord’s one) converted this group? (8,5)
&nbsp &nbspENCLOSED ORDER – &lit and anagram (converted) of CREED LORDS ONE.
17 Newspaper I am getting in healthy period of rest (4-4)
&nbsp &nbspHALF TIME – Newspaper (FT) and I (ME) I’M inside HALE – after which BORO put on a strong performance and were unlucky not to score.
18 Not quite mature, move rapidly (3)
&nbsp &nbspRIP – RIPe.
20 Group that remains identified by ethnicity first of all (5)
&nbsp &nbspTRIBE – Took ages to see – first letters of That Remains Identified By Ethnicity. Lovely surface and my COD.
22 Portion of cosmetic henna in Madras once (7)
&nbsp &nbspCHENNAI – Cosmeti(C HENNA I)n.
23 Private investigator to think highly of law-breaker? (6)
&nbsp &nbspPIRATE – Private Investigator (PI), RATE.
24 Your old extremely mature shrub (5)
&nbsp &nbspTHYME – Old version on your (THY), MatureE.

1 One criticising later, losing head about cheap stuff (8)
&nbsp &nbspATTACKERLATER around TACK.
2 Flummox heartless tough — dispute follows (5)
&nbsp &nbspTHROW – TougH ROW.
3 One painting home first to praise high point resistant to moisture (9)
&nbsp &nbspRAINPROOF – RA is often the Egyptian Sun God in crosswordland who, if he had painted, would, I’m sure, have been welcomed into the Royal Academy of Arts (RA), home (IN), (P)raise, point (ROOF) – a highest or topmost point or part ⇒ Mount Everest is the roof of the world.
5 Advice about mine (3)
&nbsp &nbspPIT – TIP backwards.
6 Some attendees in atrium brought up spicy item? (7)
&nbsp &nbspANISEED – Atten(DEES IN A)trium backwards.
7 Hearts on top of tree — leadership position (4)
&nbsp &nbspHELM – Hearts (H), ELM.
8 Principal feature of abnormally nice peer, etc (11)
&nbsp &nbspCENTREPIECE – Anagram (abnormally) of NICE PEER ETC.
13 Running away to join up? Open, let me out! (9)
&nbsp &nbspELOPEMENT – Anagram (out) of OPEN LET ME. Another great clue.
14 Chart — it’s associated with English form of carbon (8)
&nbsp &nbspGRAPHITE – Chart (GRAPH), IT, E.
16 Instrument in car I’ve adapted safeguarding learner (7)
&nbsp &nbspCLAVIER – Anagram (adapted) of CAR IVE plus learner (L). It is any keyboard instrument or the keyboard itself.
18 Lacking consistency — amusing with beginning changed (5)
&nbsp &nbspRUNNY – Amusing (fUNNY) with a different first letter.
19 Discontinue street work (4)
&nbsp &nbspSTOP – ST, OP.
21 Consume beef, say, when starter’s off? (3)
&nbsp &nbspEATMEAT.

8 comments on “Quick Cryptic No 316 by Hurley”

  1. 13 minutes, so on the chewier side of things. LOI POTTERER; I have no interest in Harry and am always very slow to think of him when solving.
  2. Found this quite tough, but got there in the end. The ones I struggled with were parsing the first half of 3d, 1d I’ve not heard of ‘tack’ being used in that context before and I’m not entirely sure what a 13a is. Thanks to Chris for the blog which helped clear up my queries.
    LOI was 16a which I needed all the checkers for. COD for me was either 6d as I managed to solve a hidden word which was reversed or 17a.
    1. My computer logged me out for some reason. The comment above was from plett11
      1. Well, I wasn’t entirely sure about 13ac either – so here’s the definition – a Christian religious order that does not permit its members to go into the outside world. ‘Enclosed order’ sums that one up pretty well.
  3. The parsing of ‘half -time’ should surely be
    FT – newspaper
    HALE – hearty
  4. Really struggled with this, having to resort to Andy’s help with the anagrams. The unknown Chennai didn’t help things. Hoping for some better luck tomorrow. Invariant
  5. Quite tricky today.
    I thought I’d got it with doubts about 1d. I put “articles” meaning stuff and just about retro-fitted the clue; it contains later and One = A and criticising as an odd anagram indicator, leaving a couple of odd letters I know.
    And for a while I had half term for 17a because it is!

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