Quick Cryptic No 306 by Dazzler

This seemed medium to hard but with a medium time of 14 minutes. I have had a question over the clue in 8ac so any comments appreciated. LOI 11dn, 16ac and 13ac caused most problems towards the end. I suspect the long anagrams at 2dn and 16ac hold the key to solving this one. COD to 11dn.

Definitions underlined, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition, deletions CROSSED OUT

1 Part of payslip I query showing resentment (5)
&nbsp &nbspPIQUE – PaysliP I QUEry.
4 Another helping for a short time (7)
&nbsp &nbspSECONDS – dd.
8 After a new warning sent back English plant (7)
&nbsp &nbspANEMONEI’m not convinced that this clue works. The parsing, I believe, works thus – A (A) , new (N) after which is warning (OMEN) sent back=backwards=NEMO then English (E). This would give ANNEMOE. I believe the clue should read ‘In a new warning sent back English plant’ or ‘After a warning sent back new English plant’. These would allow NEMO to be inside A and N with English (E) tacked on behind. Thoughts appreciated. Jackkt to the rescue for the parsing of this one. A (A) then new (N) and warning (OMEN) all reversed (back) then English (E). My apologies for doubting Dazzler’s clues!
9 Type of square covered by piece in Scrabble championship (5)
&nbsp &nbspTITLE – A T-square is a technical drawing instrument used by draftsmen primarily as a guide for drawing horizontal lines on a drafting table. So we take T and cover it with the Scrabble piece (TILE).
10 Respected older man with plump lady’s physique (6,6)
&nbsp &nbspFATHER FIGURE – Plump (FAT), lady’s (HER), physique (FIGURE).
12 Husband and a kid about to get cleaner in bath (6)
&nbsp &nbspLOOFAH – Husband (H), a (A), kid (FOOL) all backwards.
13 Name of Conservative journalist rolling in it (not Henry) (6)
&nbsp &nbspCEDRIC – Conservative (C), journalist (ED), rolling in it (RICH).
16 Rude sign once possibly not regarded as official? (12)
&nbsp &nbspUNRECOGNISED – Anagram (possibly) of RUDE SIGN ONCE.
18 Holiday island — one with business area (5)
&nbsp &nbspIBIZA – One (I), business (BIZ), area (A).
20 Large pouch parson damaged crossing centre of Perth (7)
&nbsp &nbspSPORRAN – Anagram (damaged) of PARSON around pe(R)th.
21 After pork-pie decided initially to have short rest (3-4)
&nbsp &nbspLIE DOWN – Pork-pie (LIE), (D)ecided, to have (OWN).
22 Expression of disagreement with setter’s view (2,3)
&nbsp &nbspMY EYE – Setter’s (MY), view (EYE). Not an expression heard around here – except maybe at the optometrist.

1 Drama, three-quarters complete, that’s light-hearted (7)
&nbsp &nbspPLAYFUL – PLAY, FULL
2 Unusual or quite insane survey (13)
&nbsp &nbspQUESTIONNAIRE – Anagram (unusual) of OR QUITE INSANE.
3 Single judge supports divorcee — that’s clear (9)
&nbsp &nbspEXONERATE – Single (ONE), judge (RATE) supporting divorcee (EX).
4 Force to leave spot on holiday (3,3)
&nbsp &nbspSEE OFF – Spot (SEE), on holiday (OFF).
5 Bob’s share (3)
&nbsp &nbspCUT – dd. Bob as in to cut (the hair) in a bob and to cut short (something, esp the tail of an animal); dock or crop.
6 In essence book where we see protected flora and fauna (6,7)
&nbsp &nbspNATURE RESERVE – In essence (NATURE), book (RESERVE).
7 Bias found in South London gardens (4)
&nbsp &nbspSKEW – South (S), London gardens (KEW).
11 Fresh opportunity for the rest of the actors (5,4)
&nbsp &nbspGREEN ROOM – Fresh (GREEN – fresh, raw, or unripe ⇒ green bananas), opportunity (ROOM – as in room to manoeuvre). Collins has this as a single word meaning (esp formerly) a backstage room in a theatre where performers may rest or receive visitors. Used in chat shows.
14 Extremely crude about new dance beat (7)
&nbsp &nbspCADENCE – (C)rud(E) around an anagram (new) of DANCE.
15 Relative with money going round America (6)
&nbsp &nbspCOUSIN – Money (COIN) around US. I got held up trying to make the last three letters SON.
17 Jack indisposed to find girl (4)
&nbsp &nbspJILL – Jack (J – which will please anyone who, if in doubt, uses the initial letters of the word play), indisposed (ILL).
19 Ambassador concealing fuss (3)
&nbsp &nbspADO – Ambass(ADO)r.

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  1. I thought exactly the same but then realised its A, then N+OMEN all reversed, E.

    9 minutes.

    The Comments window looks different today whilst typing. Not showing my picture at this stage and the “Picture to use” field is at the right hand side instead of under my user name. Very odd.

    Edited at 2015-05-12 02:50 am (UTC)

    1. Thanks, Jack – just could not see that one. Been pretty busy of late so have not been on the site for a few weeks but the comment box as you describe seems as usual to me. This could be the iPad effect though.
  2. Quite chewy but all correct. Initially put in Gill at 17d but amended when parsing the clue. My plant knowledge is limited so pleased to get ANEMONE which was my last in but was not parsed.

    Did not know MY EYE. GREEN ROOM also my favourite.

  3. Back to the drawing board for this novice! I was just beginning to think I might be able to do this kind of puzzle. I am very grateful for the blogs without which I would have given up long ago.
  4. Well that was a lot tougher than yesterday. I answered all the clues correctly but there were several that weren’t parsed or only partially so (8a, 9a, 12a, 5d). I’m not entirely sure I should be counting that as a complete any more as I’ve been doing these things for over a year now.
    As always thanks for the blog which was very informative.
  5. Going through this I thought it was quite difficult, so I was surprised that I only just missed my one hour target, fully parsed. 20ac made me smile. Re ‘my eye’, I think the French use a mannerism involving the pulling down of a lower eyelid to mean ‘who are you trying to kid’ Invariant.
  6. Strangely considering other comments I did this at morning coffee so found it fairly easy, however the first quick pass through only yielded six answers, but then it all just fell into place…..thanks jack because I couldn’t for the life of me parse anemone,

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