Quick Crossword 519 by Joker

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This one took me a little longer than my average, as testified by the new timer facility. I got held up in the SE, not being able to think of anything better than ‘better’ for 16d, which I knew wasn’t right, which gave me ‘ensuing’ at 19a, even less right. A couple of nice long anagrams – COD 1a – and that well known port in crosswordland makes a return at 12a. With two geographic clues today, perhaps we should have a crossword atlas to go with the crossword recipe book suggested some time ago!
Thank you to Joker.

1 Serious inflammation very quietly contained by fantastic dieticians: APPENDICITIS
Very quietly = PP, in anagram (fantastic) of DIETICIANS
9 Drunk has little time for female in brawl: TIGHT
Little time = T, replacing female = F in FIGHT (brawl)
10 Outline in professional dossier: PROFILE
Professional = PRO, dossier = FILE
11 British walk in the countryside for this fruit: BRAMBLE
British = B, walk in the countryside = RAMBLE
12 Hurriedly leave Croatian port: SPLIT
Double definition
13 Awful crime including tons of quantification: METRIC
Anagram (awful) of CRIME, including tones = T
14 Country’s oily product spoken of: GREECE
Homophone (spoken of) of oily product = GREASE
17 Nick needs New and Old Testament before church: NOTCH
New = N, Old Testament = OT, church = CH
19 Is taking action against what publisher is doing: ISSUING
Is = IS, taking action against = SUING
21 Performance at one time given in clubs, right?: CONCERT
At one time = ONCE, inside clubs = C, right = RT
22 Without reaction, put in missing sulphur: INERT
Put in = INSERT, without sulphur = S
23 Report men in tights? Absolutely!: BANG TO RIGHTS
Report = BANG, men= OR, tights = TIGHTS

2 Public entertainment put out a call for worker: PAGEANT
Put out a call = PAGE, worker = ANT
3 Business organisation working best in hamlets: ESTABLISHMENT
Anagram (working) of BEST IN HAMLETS
4 Scoop: big one in fairground: DIPPER
Double definition, one slightly cryptic
5 Angry over mayonnaise done up misleadingly: CROSS-DRESSING
Angry = CROSS, mayonnaise = DRESSING
6 This weave includes leaning lines, primarily: TWILL
Initial letter clue, &lit
7 Closely cover small moorland plant, mostly: SHEATHE
Small = S, mostly moorland plant = HEATHE(r)
8 Attempt to do something mad when climbing: STAB
Reversal (when climbing) of mad = BATS
13 Skirt around black taxi: MINICAB
Skirt = MINI, about = CA (circa), black = B
15 Outstanding English excavation supported by National Trust: EMINENT
English= E, excavation = MINE, National Trust = NT
16 One qualified to install equipment is more suitable: FITTER
Double definition
18 Piece for joint group of nine musicians turning up: TENON
Reversal (turning up) of group of nine musicians = NONET
20 Get a revised location to board aircraft: GATE
Anagram (revised) of GET A

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  1. Another completed within 10 minutes (9, so only just)and continuing the run of puzzles that appear to be more or less of similar level of difficulty. I’m not completely clear about “METRIC/of quantification” despite having looked up both words, but I put this down to my own ignorance of such matters. The term “fitter” has tended to fall out of fashion these days with reference to its first definition here, since most fitters prefer to call themselves ‘engineers’.

    Edited at 2016-03-04 08:00 am (UTC)

    1. The use of the word metric to mean quantification is standard in my field. So that clue was a gimme for me. I thought today’s was pretty straight forward, I finished in a shade over 10 mins. LOI was 7D for which I had to resort to running through the alphabet in my head! If it hadn’t been for that I’d’ve been quicker. I’m not sure cross dressing is something intended to mislead though…
    2. But engineers prefer to call them fitters, sorry couldn’t resist it, used to be a touchy subject, although after a certain age even engineers will mellow and retire to do the crossword!
  2. 6mins 34 secs according to the fancy new timer thingy.
    “metrics” is standard business-speak these days, interchangeable with “figures” as in “We must review the metrics for this product” etc etc.
    As for cross-dressing, it surely can be misleading, intentional or not

  3. I found this one to be to be the most dificult of the week by far, taking around 45 minutes. I was held up by 1A even though I knew to include PP, but it proved to be the key clue. Joker’s clues are always clever but challenging and my LOI 20D gets my prize for the best disguised anagram yet.
  4. This one wasn’t too bad for the Joker of late, or perhaps I’m just getting more used to the surfaces. Anyway, an average 40mins for me with 23ac my favourite, though I agree 20d was a little gem as well. Invariant
  5. Under 25 minutes today despite struggling a bit with the anagrams. At least I was confident they were anagrams.I thought the weave would probably escape me but I remembered cavalry twill, but have no idea what it looks like. Last in was 2d despite having the ..ant ending from early on.
    Many thanks to Jackkt for once again rescuing my comments yesterday from Spam. Despite completing the the little jigsaws we get, I still seem to get caught out by full stops. Here goes for today … David
  6. For me much easier than yesterday, so from some of the previous comments adds to my conviction that it is all in the mind.
    Thoroughly enjoyed 23a, and haven’t heard of fitters since my Grandad retired 60 years ago.
    Dipper for scoop didn,t fit well for me, but obvious enough from the clue and the checkers.
  7. An enjoyable crossword and I liked cross-dressing but then I was stuck with “bang to rights” I had never heard of this!
  8. Simply outrageous.
    Opaque, inaccurate, sloppy, unfair.
    If I wanted to do the main puzzle I’d retire and devote myself to it full time.
    This is supposed to be Quick cryptic – not mini Main.
    Editor – please intervene.

  9. I find your post outrageous, an opinion heightened by your anonymous status. I hope your post is removed. The puzzle was very good with some excellent wit, for example 5d.
    1. I don’t think it’s that unreasonable for somebody to think a puzzle is outrageous. One thing I have learnt in the last 18 months is that what is straightforward for some is neigh on impossible for others. I do however agree that adding a name/sobriquet (thanks Olivia for improving my vocab) is a perfectly reasonable request. Invariant
        1. Nay, there’s nae clue ye cannae get with a bit of puzzling! Now it’s nigh on bedtime, neigh!
  10. I didn’t find this unfair or any of the other words…..possibly one of Joker’s easier ones for me. Probably took me 90 minutes spread over the afternoon. LOI 2d pageant until I remembered worker=ant. Early on was certain about 23a bang to rights but couldn’t understand why until reading here -thx
  11. As others have said this was not one of Joker’s tougher offerings. The fact that all the long clues went in quickly helped to give me plenty of checkers. Thanks for the explanation of 9a Emu, I didn’t even get close to parsing it.
  12. Good puzzle today, lots of pleasing clues. Had help from wife and daughter who are new to cryptics, but are good with anagrams and knocked out 1a and 3d. 58 min solve, including explanations. 8d and 9a together were last in. OR for ‘men’ is another abbreviation that is pretty hoary. My teenage daughter wants to know when these setters are going to update their list of abbreviations, to attract young puzzlers.

    Edited at 2016-03-04 08:53 pm (UTC)

    1. Hail, Maximus!
      The definition of a difficult question is that to which I don’t know the answer. That doesn’t necessarily make the question outrageous, opaque, unfair, etc.
      Some specific examples from the QC would help clarify your opinions (to which you have every right) and maybe persuade fellow bloggers of their merits.
      Don’t give up.
      1. Salve GeoffH
        I shall,as you suggest, provide evidence for my next outburst.
        Sound advice.
  13. Haven’t been able  to find any explanation for man = OR.

    Any elaboration would be welcome.

  14. Here are my times for the week:
    Mon 515 31:18
    Tue 516 21:22
    Wed 517 32:39 – technical DNF since didn’t know RADNOR and put RADNOT
    Thu 518 13:47 – new personal best
    Fri 519 22:57

    Either I’m getting better or these puzzles are getting easier!

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