Mephisto blogging vacancy

One of our Mephisto bloggers wants to drop out. If one or more others are willing to write Mephisto blogs about once a month, drop me a line – peter at biddlecombe dot demon dot co dot uk.

2 comments on “Mephisto blogging vacancy”

  1. I’m not the one dropping out (sorry), but if you’ve been thinking of writing a blog, the Mephisto is a really fun one to do – Mephisto solvers are a lot more lenient on missed wordplay and mistakes (I’ve blogged about a half a dozen Mephistos now, and more often than not I’ve got a mistake in there). It’ll encourage you to get better at solving for sure.
  2. dorsetjimbo has offered to join the Mephisto bloggers, which saves me from the joy of setting up nine 9-weekly Google calendar tasks to get the ABACACBCB sequence that ensures that each of 3 bloggers tackles each setter an equal number of times.

    As Jim’s barred-grid solving experience goes back to the days of Ximenes, I’m sure he’ll have some good advice to offer.

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